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I could under take to teach any observing bacteriologist the difference between the two types in a few hours, I would suggest that those interested in this subject study carefully pure cultures of organisms of the two groups in the guinea-pig and Forms are occasionally seen which may be referred to either group; morphologic criteria could not free a suspected mixed blackleg-vibrion-septique culture of suspicion, but the general picture of the cultures and of the smears of animal exudates containing these two types is entirely different, and any one can recognize this difference on his own mediums and with his own stain as soon as he is acquainted with both types. Eigentiimlich grUnes Sputum findet sich bei den seltenen Chloromen, den griin gefarbten, bosartigen Tumoren der Lunge. The symptoms, complaints, and phenomena, which we perceive in affected individuals, are referred, in the first place, to conditions of the organs directly or primarily affected, as, for instance, cardiac troubles and cardiac symptoms in heart affections, and gastric troubles and gastric symptoms in stomach affections. Besides this type which is always situated at the junction of the pharynx and esophagus, lateral -or posterior, there is a type which may occur in any part of the upper end of the tube. As such a sign I have pointed levlen out to you, first of all, the character of the outer borders of the lesion. When the blood-cells appear as comparatively few, attenuated, and washed-out rings, they may have originated in congestion of the kidneys or in miliary tuberculosis of those organs, and the diagnosis of these conditions may be established It is more difficult to decide from the character of the blood passed whether the lesion has taken place in the renal pelvis or the ureters To arrive at a just conclusion on this point, a careful examination must be made for the other occasional organic constituents of the urine, as When blood is present in considerable quantity without being intimately blended with the fluid, it is derived in the majority of cases from the bladder. It carries a low rate of failure and sperm granulomas. This valve long resists the pressure of the refluent blood. By Koch's processes many, though not all, of the micro-organisms occurring in the faeces can be isolated and studied.


The strains from the throat and from the ears were in both instances infrequens.

G., tabes or dementia paralytica. Sometimes the direction of the heart is changed so that the apex points to the right instead of to the left; sometimes These displacements are frequently found in association with general transposition of the viscera. Fry did not think that there was much promise in the procedure; that owing to the copious col lateral circulation ligation could be of but little use cutting off the supply of blood from those parts of the brain concerned in the production of epilepsy. The council has at least four stated meetings in the year; they meet every quar ter, and if business of importance is to come before them they may have other meetings. Third, some of them have been selectively weeded out by persons cognizant strains which he used for vaccine, for example, were all five referable to the Fourth, a worker would be somewhat more likely to fail to recognize the presence of a blackleg strain than that of a vibrion-septique strain in an old and partially run out culture, l)ecause B. There is a fairly large intelligent demand for this'literature,' and it is growing, though it goes without saying, that by far the majority of obstetrics and patients still prefer to consider all pregnancy and labor natural, at least until something is obviously wrong.

The subacute form is, however, the type usually first recognized, the symptoms continuing after the posterior urethritis has become more or less The chronic type is that which concerns both the physician and the patient to the greatest degree. This was done, and when I opened the abdomen the diagnosis was confirmed. These difficulties have resulted mainly from the uncertain and unsatisfactory growths of the gonococcus on culture mediums. Curetting is much more likely and douche out the cavity afterwards. The same observer saw a primary epicardial round-celled sarcoma in a woman aged fifty. The pain always diminished after the first four or five inspirations, the thrilling came on as usual, and uneasiness was for a few minutes swallowed up in pleasure. This venous hypersemia soon develops in the stomach dyspepsia with its train of symptoms, anorexia, arrest of secretion, gastrectasia, etc.

Smith, while deprecating the improper attributing of these digestive diseases to the teething process, does not condemn the gum lancet in toto. There is very little sickness and hardly any mortality among the prisoners of war brought from General Lee's army, or any other source than the army around Vicksburg. Y.; College of Physicians and Surgeons, Milwaukee; Eclectic Medical College of Philadelphia; Edinburgh University, Chicago and St. They looked, before removal, like bangles.

Selbst der Eiweifiverlust ist als Ursache angesehen worden, trotz der Tatsache, dafi bei ausgedehnten Verbrennungen dritten Grades fast kein Eiweifi verloren geht, und doch sind diese Falle immer totlich. The diagnosis was not satisfactory.


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