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And he recognized that Surgery if it is Ut be considerinl a science at all must be founded upon and can onlv make progress by the aid of experiments. This occurred at the battle fallen into the hands of the enemy, he was soon after taken to Eichmond, a distance of ten or fifteen miles. Again there may exist inflammation of the tissues of the duct without adhesion of its walls, and the swelling and turgescence may disappear so that the canal shall be restored to its normal state, and serve to convey the bile to its proper destination in the duodenum. Repeated and persistent, but unsuccessful, efibrts have been made by the profession in those States to secure legislative interference. Glasgow, who has so ably opened this discussion, at the suggestion of your secretary and with your consent, Air. Recoveries after this accident are very rare.

The effects of chloroform seem to be too transient to accomplish this end, while its general effects are too exhaustive to the vital forces to render its long continued use in full doses compatible with life. I have seen bad cases of rupture which were not bromide operated upon, and which healed only by granulation, when there was yet no sign of prolapse, but such cases are exceptional. Some prefer to elevate the mattress only from the hips, by sliding some blankets in the form of a wedge underneath. Of the latter cow's ghee is the best, and the sesamum seed oil is the best of the vegetable variety. Thus, in eczema vesiculosum when the secretion dries upon the skin we have light yellowish crusts, while in eczema squamosum in which the horny layer is not perfectly produced we have thin scales.

It is this want of confidence in their own practitioners which explains why European physicians, and even travellers in Asia, are assailed with prayers for medicines to prevent and to cure disease; as they are all supposed to be learned in the sciences, and to possess infallible means of acquiring wealth and As Hindostan becomes settled under the British rule, and a richer and a more intelligent middle-class is forming, more attention will be paid to Hindu philosophy, and a more intimate knowledge of the ancient Hindu medical works will prove that they contain much that is interesting and instructive, and have been of extensive use to the medical practitioners of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Devotion and thus to narrow their intellectual outlook and their chest development; to them, therefore, it is not so necessary to insist on the obvious need for industry, what Sir William Osier in his charming Aeqvanimifas called"the Master-word in Medicine," as to remind them that the best student combines mental and physical prowess, and thus realizes the ideal of the mens sana in corpore sano. The University of Michigan has approached the reform in medical education with great caution. His appetite is good and sometimes it is not, but he becomes hungry soon after eating.


Place the slab or piece of crucible in your asbestos holder, for fear the nugget might roll off when melted. I had no idea that the quinine had anything to do with it, and took another dose, and the same result followed. He advocated treatment of the systitis which accompanies stone by washing the blad der for a time after the operation, should this be indicated, and expressed the opinion that this would secure as beneficial results to the bladder as drainage by the cutting operation.

Kitson had had a recent miscarriage. Upon dissection of the enucleated eye quite a large piece of the gun cap was found lodged in the choroid deposit about it showed that the proper course had been taken, and also illustrated how rapidly these changes sometimes occur in some inflammations. When disease and pestilence and Shall he flee with the people? Shall he run from danger? No, he stands like a stone wall, he braves the mouth of the cannon, he will be found in the hospitals, in the miserable tenements, cheerfully tending the sick and risking even the examination of dead bodies that the disease may be During a great plague in Marseilles the doctors decided that nothing could be done to stay the plague and save the people unless one of the victims of the disease could be dissected and the nature of the disease learned. Here opiimi and other like drugs may be of immense use by conserving force. Tis pleasant in the evening, when the summer sun goes down.

Evidently the men that were talking to you knew but very little about the sting of a stingaree or the bite of a rattlesnake. It is eliminated chiefly through the kidneys and mucosa. The vessel, which had been secured by a catgut ligature, had given way opposite the knot (which itself was apo intact), and a gaping wound one-tenth of an inch wide existed in the walls of the vessel. In both cases the faces became suddenly blue and the bodies rigid, but no sound was uttered. An attempt was then made to rotate the head of tlio bone ovit of the socket, when imfortimatcly the femur was broken about the middle.

You will obtain a clearer notion of what this term, febrile oppression, means, ipratropium by watching at the bedside of one patient in this disease, than by any description T can presents very much the appearance of a person made stupid by drink; and he staggers a little if he attempts to walk.


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