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Since the Journal has no way to provide for reprints, they must be ordered by the author and purchased directly from the printer. Before mercurial or salvarsan treatment can be discontinued a negative reaction must be given with all those serum inderal quantities. A mild type of bronchitis was frequently seen. In many cases we also find at the autopsy amyloid degeneration of the liver, spleen, and kidneys, with chronic interstitial desquamative nephritis. The following cases illustrate diverse and unusual angiographic patterns of cerebrovascular atherosclerosis seen by the authors, with pertinent surgical considerations noted. Rankin our sincere appreciation for the services and courtesies rendered to the members of this association, both individually and collectively. The grasp is feeble, and the weakness of the whole upper limb may be so great as to deserve the name of paresis.


Rates to others, except Fulton, Missouri. A fourth and a very important class of cases includes those in which there is no protecting wall of adhesions, and the products of a septic peritonitis have flooded the whole abdominal cavity and the intestines are floating, so to speak, in the septic fluid.

Practically the only danger associated with the former is the possibility of acid poisoning at the beginning of the fast, though it can be emphatically stated that it is the rule for acid poisoning to decrease rather than to increase as the fast continues.

This does not look like a Boston bill.

Because the administration of quinidine did not initially prove effective, diphenylhydantoin was added to the regimen. Beneath the swollen endothelium, close to the wound, were several layers of irregular cells, very different from pus-corpuscles. We are aware of only one post-operative hernia.

Uk - stow, as the former when obtained by assuming the recumbent position is more permanent and more nearly akin to the passive congestion produced by mitral stenosis. But crepitus might also be felt, though less distinctly, without raising the humerus to its proper position. A Practical Treatise for Students and on gross pathology, and those of us who are obliged to do pathological work have always been conscious of how poor our own literature is in books on this subject. Of a ncuriilgic nature; for I learned that the patient had suffered from this pain periodically for four years; that at first it occurred at long intervals, and lasted but a short time; but that latterly it came on more frequently, was increasing in been tried at different times without effect, as the patient affirmed that she was not was corroborated by her husband, who expressed himself as being at his wit's end concerning the case. And here I would like to express a hope that before long our student may also be found in possession of an efficient physiological laboratory, an object which the present requirements of a complete medical education absolutely demand. I want to cite the ease of one patient of mine that had undoubted pernicious anemia, in whom there was no obvious pyorrhea, but in taking a culture from the gums with a small platinum loop, there about the subject of pernicious anemia, but as to the question of the transfusion used at the Mayo Clinic, I do know that it has been their of pernicious anemia that are transfused there are taken charge of by the medical department. He gave a history of having had a stiffness of the muscles of the back of the neck a day or two before leaving his home on a voyage to Dominica. The only operation on the stomach of any consequence which involves a new principle in surgery since the time of Billroth is that of Finney. The date of the spring examinations has been found to conflict with graduation in some of the universities and it is hoped that these examinations in future will be held at a date on which newly graduated men may be able to take them. Dysenteric Diarrhoea, Sick Headache, Cholera Infantum and thei Indigestive IMarrhcoa of are explained and embellished by eighteen fullpage illustrations in photogravure, one -half from original drawings by E. I don't know whether that applies in renal stones or not, but just looking at the thing from a common-sense standpoint, if a man leads an indolent, sedentary life, he is more apt to develop gallstones. It is very well when an abscess has formed and pointed; but what interests us is, to know how these postponed cases compare in results with those that have been operated upon before the health of the woman has failed. Y., is printed at the bottom of labels. In the treatment of soldiers, however, the case becomes more complex, as the patient is not defraying the cost, but is in fact receiving his regular pay and allowances while under treatment.


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