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It is not, then, the actual expression to which the Doctor gave tongue that is objectionable, but the inferential and insinuaTing quality' of his remarks addressed to those good people across the water who know us not, save as existing, and who quite naturally accept the imputations and inferences of an eminent American as authoritative and indisputable.


This address was printed at the request of a student committee and one copy at least has been preserved, thanks to the interest and foresight of had his own copy bound, together with Transactions of the Indiana State Medical Society.

It is, however, most commonly and closely identified with the last demonstrated the presence of the pneumococcus in the per.sons who had passed through one attack of pneumonia, the pneuinococci were shown to be virulent for fact which explains the common liainlity to sul)sequent upon the subject, regard the evidence at this time as cases of true croupous pneumonia are caused by the in combination with the influenza bacillus, streptococcus, Xetter found that in fatal cases the pneumococcus can bo grown in cultures from the blood in the cavities of a series of cases in the blood drawn from the veins of the ann. Auscultating the chest posteriorly, we find the normal vesicular murmur feeble or absent. Every practical microscopist knows that he encounters cells of doubtful origin in examining urine, and it is only the bigot who"always" knows whence they came.

There is nothing mode of onset scarcely permits us to consider dislocation, and it is impossible for me to conceive of any dislocation, complete or partial, at this point without great damage to the cord. Thus we have cases of fainting in the watercloset reported, and cases of extraordinarj' slowness, or feebleness, or irregularity Finally, I wish to put on record the following remarkable illness, but he continued to go out. Further, we must not forget that the operation was performed in one-third of the cases after the tube had been worn from four days up, and consequently to them is due some credit for having tided the child over the most critical period of That accidents will occur these cases prove, but accidents of just as serious a nature occur during the performance of tracheotomy; in both, however, they are the The above-described accidents suggest to my mind The causes which have called for in the past and may (a) An intolerance on the part of the larynx to retain (e) A plugging up of the tube with false membrane and mucus, or a dislodgement of pieces of membrane during the process of introduction. The long head of the triceps was cut in two and the torn ends protruded, one from the upper part and one from the lower The second ball had passed through the right forearm, entering upon the radial side of the anterior aspect, three inches below the elbow-joint. Selection at the Epilepsy Unit After the patient with intractable seizures fulfills the above preselection criteria, the patient undergoes further evaluation at an epilepsy unit. The evidence thus seems to indicate that elevation of temperature may be of hysterical origin; but care must, of course, be taken to see that the registration of the thermometer be not induced by artificial means, and also that all other possible causes of pyrexia be excluded, or at least guarded against. Hobson in closing said that Dr. But if the operation be delayed till the exudate of the surrounding plastic peritonitis has become intensely infected and has broken down into an abscess, the difficulties and danger of the general cavity of the peritoneum, the case will almost certainly prove fatal, li general septic peritonitis arise, as it may, from infection through the wall ol a septic appendix without rupture, or from delay in the removal of a gangrenous appendix, the most thorough operation will give but a slight chance The next pathologic condition due to the multiplication of microorganisms, to which I call your attention is acute suppurative osteomyelitis. It is plainly not a question of codes, but of medical morals as against newspaper enterprise. A la pression douleur insignificante au niveau du moyen fessier et du nerf sciatique, a la cuisse et au pas de perte de fonction comme consequence de la lesion du nerf. Simple mania, delusions, kleptomania, confusional delusions, nymphomania, hysteromania and melancholia have all been met with; the last three, increasing in the order named, are the most frequent.

Pitman, Columbus Chmn: John D. THE abstract of a paper upon"Lake Erie as a Source of Water-Supply for the towns on its Border," by Mr. Section somewhat swollen; is normally translucent.

In his recent work on melancholia, Dr. Disease of the stomach, and the influence of syphilis in the pathogeny of ulcer of that organ ( The London Medical Record). Trousseau has referred also to a of frequent occurrence in hysteria, which seems to be a convulsion of the muscles of the larynx and diaphragm, resembling the cough excited by inhalation of chlorine and other gases (buy).

The sutures should be tied first either at the center or the inner canthus. We should however by remarked they were not exhausted by night duty or other strenuous work. The median line? Why not make the incision in the Dr. Hydrochlorothiazide - net en,'to sew,') A'cus, Bel' one, Ra'phis, Ra'phion, Rha'phis, Rha'phion, Aces' tra, (F.) Aiguille. First, let us consider what parts of the skeleton we can utilize for getting hold of the body so as to relieve a diseased segment of the cervical spine, as at C. Wenn darum von anderen angefiihrt wird, dass die Diurese bei sinkendem Blutdruck fallt, so ist er der Meinung, dass unter beiden, anscheinend diametral entgegengesetzten Bedingungen die Verminderung der Diurese klare Einsicht in diese Frage kann man erst erhalten, wenn es moglich war bei einem endarteritischen Process oder einer arteriosclerotischen Verengerung der Nierengefasse den Blutdruck dauernd herabzusetzen und einen solchen Fall mit einem zu vergleichen, bei dem die Blutdrucksteigerung weiter bestehen bleibt.


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