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After two or three cases that would have got well in any way, five patients presented themselves at the same time, whom I would gladly not have seen till I had more experience of the spray in ovariotomy, though just thekind of cases in which assistance was hoped from antiseptics, i. Excision of the Drum-head and Ossicles for the Cure of Chronic Purulent Inflammation of the Attic of the management of such cases with syringe, cauteries, and astringgents, either wet or dry, according to vogue, it was surprising how much ineffectual work might be done in a conventional way in so small a receptacle "buy" for medicaments as the drum of the ear. It may occur in the lower, the middle, or the upper third, but by far the most contrary notwithstanding. This must give the managers of the school such an insight into the real character and capacity of a nurse as they never could acquire by mere observation of her qualities while she was under their own direct THE ACTION OF ANTIPYRINE ON THE TEETH.

As was shown by the blood analysis. In a few instances unpleasant aftereffects were noted, but they did not continue grains of trional given in hot milk at bedtime was sufficient, in from fifteen minutes to two hours, to produce sleep of from six to nine hours' duration and unaccompanied by dreams.

The nurse illeged that" patient straightened out stiff erked violently during her convulsions," vhich had ceased before my arrival. Softening, thinning, and even absence, of considerable portions of but the first attempt to explain these appearances was made by John stomach after death, which he regarded as resulting from the action of the gastric juice on its coats, and which he believed was prevented during life by the influence of the vital principle. Friction, or the wet compress worn at night, protected by a piece of mackintosh, or the use of the cold douche to the abdomen, are often useful adjuvants in this respect. Unlike the case recorded in my former paper, there was good union in the parietal wounds of the last was made to isolate and identify the organisms of the stoinach during the period of dilatation. There bad been no noticeable mental online impairment in the case. : Rub in well over the exposed part every evening, moderate severity three grains of this drug as an antipyretic, repeated every four hours; where there is little sign of action the dose is increased to four should never be administered in tablet form, but dissolved in water containing a little sodium bicarbonate, which increases its solubility. Peutics with Intravenous Injections of Strophanthine. An excessive flow of saliva is not uncommon, and is particularly observable at night, when it may escape from the mouth during sleep, wetting the pillow.

The following are the It will be seen from the above that the left calf at it thickest part was only half an inch smaller than the left thigh at its thickest part, the normal ratio of talipes equinus; the tendo Achillis feels rigid. As the discharge of the seropurulent fluid occurs the contiguous epidermis becomes denuded.

After a long course of topical treatment, the author discovered a hard substance lying deep in the tonsil; apparently, it was either a calcified muscle or an abnormally long styloid process. It is, however, the final or degenerative period of life which produces the most formidable varieties of facial Neuralgia. If considerable oozing persists it may be necessary to pack with iodoform on sterile gauze, otherwise simple The drainage, however, must include the subperiosteal areas as If the operation has been delayed, the muscles of the calf may be infiltrated with pus and will recjuire drainage as in diffuse phlegmon.

With this very brief consideration of matters of technique, I will pass on to the question of what operations are feasible under local anesthesia. Now lor the results: Upon the very closest examination two weeks ago, when she was out on a visit to my friend Dr.

He saith forsooth that the true treatment is to keep all extraneous matter away from the wound and even the air which he imagineth to be full of his bugs and gnats and beetles. Gibier had not discovered the true genu of that disease, but thought he himself had. When the central end of an old divided nerve is united to the distal end of a recently divided one, the regeneration is not so good as in the case of the reverse condition. For there may be much diversity of opinion concerning speculative points, with perfect agreement in those modes of practice which are founded, not on hypothesis, but on experience and held as secret and confidential. The follicles of Lieberkiihn, which are lined with typical cylindrical epithelium, are the most secure location possible for quiet growth. It was hardly, in any view, an unreasonable assumption that for such a diversified empire, with so many colonies in various stages of national development, to take it for granted that a scientific qualification deemed sufficient for the advanced civilization of the parent State would be willingly accepted as sufficient for the empire at large. I have found this trouble far more prevalent amongst children who are bottle-fed, the preexisting cause doubtless being the indigestible quality of the food employed, though in my opinion dirt, both personal and domiciliary, has as much to do with it as anything else. Physiologic contra-indication to the use of the hydrochlorate, the phenate is to be preferred on account of its antiseptic properties.



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