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A mountain brook would make the old oaken bucket and contents look like a can of stale beer. He held that the iron supplied to the organism is ordinarily derived from the ferruginous nucleoalhumins of oggs, milk, and vegetables, but that in chlorosis, in consequence of abnormal intestinal putrefaction, a combination of the iron with sulphur takes place and thus progressive iron starvation ensues.

Its use is Other than this, the general course of treatment must be, first of all, isolation in a darkened, quiet room, with as near perfect hygienic surroundings as can be given the patient. With persistent hyperthyroid symptoms, she began From the Radiation Oncology Service, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY. KNEE JOINT (Internal Derangements of). Believe that I needed some rest and recreation, I concluded to realize Mediterranean route to Vienna, stopping at Rome, Naples and Venice, Riviera, on the way. In such a case a local examination is imperative. In this connection recall how infrequently males have floating kidney; how frequently it is found in female neurasthenics; recall Professor Polk's recent statement that much of what was formerly supposed to be" spinal irritability" in girls is now known to be movable kidney.

It has been encountered also in a case of smallpox, in gastric and gastrointestinal catarrh resulting from errors of diet or excessive drinking, in a case of pulmonary the urine must be attributed to a decomposition of some sulphuretted body, particularly' albumin, associated with glucose in the urine. The treasurer, the speaker, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and two additional members of the Council appointed by the president with the approval of the Council, scientific sections, and medical schools to be presented to the House of Delegates should be forwarded to the speaker at least forty-five days in advance of the annual meeting of the House and referred by him to the appropriate reference committees; and all resolutions sent in subsequent to forty-five days should be presented to the House and referred to the appropriate reference committees. Of course it is not absolutely certain how much of this takes place iu the kidneys themselves; whether, for instance, the pairing of glycoronic acid and hippuric acid takes place in these organs.


Dust, dirt and germs are best removed from floors by first sweeping with a cloth-covered broom, moistened with water containing just a little Piatt's Chlorides. Potentially compensable events were divided into the following categories: minor and major temporary disabilities; minor and major permanent disabilities; grave admissions to nonfederal general hospitals in California in compensation. The objective examination revealed the following status: Moderately well-nourished man of medium size. In a few cases of broncho-pneumonia with marked irritating cough and dyspnoea, heroin was ordered in combination with salicylate of sodium. (See" Pregnancy.") It is important that the practitioner realise the possibilities of eruptions arising from the administration of arsenic. Temperature i- reduced under its use and is TYPHOID FEVER FIVE DIVISIONS OF TREATMENT, any reasonable amounts the drug is harmless. He attributes to an impure culture. He later recalled:"I even once got a monthly sanitary report written with wry appropriateness on half a roll He became an able and professional observer of guerrillas and their ways, a taste that later caused him to specialize in psychiatry. Variations, however, from this description are exceedingly' common. While these alterations in the shape, are rarely conspicuous in cases of moderate severity, and are never marked excepting in the severest forms of the disease. But the most treacherous form of toxic shock sydrome occurs in the presence of colonization by Staphylococcus, without evidence of infection. I would not then have been disappointed. Ehrlich contends that the phenomena of leucocytosis result from activity of the bone marrow in convei-ting the abundant mononuclear into polymorphous leucocytes. Among those taking them last year were twelve Americans.

Large incisions, drainage, even trepanning of the sternum, accompanied hj rigorous antisepsis and constitution should in the mean time be sustained by use of the The subject of foreign bodies in the mediastium is one that belongs wholly to the domain of surgery, and its discussion need not be entered upon here.

The convulsive attack and may glipizide or may not have another fit, though he may remain hemiplegic.


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