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Disappointment has, probably, frequently followed when the morbid symptoms have been justly attributed to the centre of the nervous system, but when the practitioner has failed to trace beyond this centre to the locality where the remote cause primarily existed, and perhaps is still exerting its causative influence, it is very important to recollect that in a large proportion, probably by far the greater number of cases, the cord assumes a morbid condition from causes received through some of the incident nerves connecting it with the nervous portions of the organism: without. In view of this suggestion we are a little surprised at not finding anything either so radically new or startling ujion reading his excellent work as to explain the need he feels for writing such a preface, or that could have called down upon him such condemnation as that with which he has evidently been visited. The disease consists of a very firm irregular tumour, of the size of a double list, situated at the lower part of the abdomen, occupying the mons veneris, and extending some distance into each labium; it is of" scony hardness," and is firmly attached to the parts beneath. An abundant suppuration set in; the breast became more painful (prescription).

Now, in order to obtain nitrogen for the purposes of experiment, we decompose common air, which is a mixture of one part of oxygen and four of nitrogen; and therefore, if we can extract the oxygen, nitrogen will remain, and wo may do this by burning phosphorus in common air. (This treatment ImH aUo been ft)rehead, ears and.scalp. The request was submitted to Dr.

During the first three days no improvement was manifested, but upon the fourth (the ninth of the disease) there was a decided remission of several of the unpleasant symptoms, "generic" and especially a free secretion of urine, which had been very scanty before.

He injected wax of different colours into the bronchi and pulmonary arteries and veins, and cites the authority of an eminent counsel to that effect. We were about to make some observations on the pure surgeons, but want of space compels us to postpone this branch of the subject.

Homans: I have had four of these cases, two of these'cases, I was able to make out what I thought recovered.

Enjoyed good health, the disease being purely local, and local treatment alone Nothing is more difiicult than to determine the causes of diseases of the ear; their origin is frequently unperceived, since there is rarely pain and deafness; a mnning or tinnitus aurium alone excites attention, although the affection may have unknown. Taking one of the blades of this instrument, you cautiously slide it over the flank of the child, afterwards with caution and apposition applying to the opposite flank the other blade, in these cases securing the nates with the forceps, just as in ordinary cases you might seize the may inflicl much injury, damaging the abdominal viscera, breaking the osseous structure of the pelvis, for you have choice of mischief; but if you proceed with gentleness, you may proceed with safety, the security and success of the instrument turning entirely on the way in which it is employed.


Convulsions ceased as soon as the uterus vras emptied, which jwiuts to the value of immediate delivery as a therapeutic measure. A collier, when off work, quarrelled with a stranger, who was passing; blows ensued, one of which knocked him down, and he was carried home dead. In these cases, a sudden pain is felt in the region of the uterus, with concurrent vomiting and flooding; soon it ceases, then recurs, and this, too, repeatedly, till the woman, at length, loses so much nlood, that her life is endangered, or perhaps she perishes. The contagious disease hospital to the community. The distribution of medical care under a nationalized scheme would necessitate ration boards or bodies whose function would be the same under any other name. Osl(;r makes the following timely remarks upon the above subject:" Upon one feature in the organization of a firstclass school permit me to dwell for a moment or two. Bleeding from the right arm to about l!i, and intermits occasionally. On the other hand, the calcareous degeneration of the old man has no title to the rank of a vascular organized structure, being merely a deposit of earthy matter between the tunics of the artery, retained mechanically as an incrustation, and which, sooner or later, operates destructively, as a foreign body, upon the vessel. Questions, whether the population of England is increasing too fast or too slowly? whether any steps should be taken to accelerate or retard its progress? whether the government should encourage or discourage population; or, after obtaining and publishing all the information that can be procured on the subject, leave public opinion and private prudence to come to their own conclusion and to take their population is raised or lowered instinctively; as the indications of nature will be found valuable guides by all who seek to influence the opinions and conduct" When the rate of increase is to be lowered, the usual course appears to be to deter to the extent required the period of marriage (buy). Creating residencies in community hospitals in more sparsely populated areas should result in more graduates locating practices in some of those Additional residencies would be possible if state support is given to the smaller hospitals that cannot afford to finance residency programs.

By John Fletcher to the Barnsley Beckett Hospital, and late Assistant Resident Dr. The tongue was dry in the centre, and the fauces considerably inflamed. ISei-Keley HiU, Dislocation of the Sixth -from the Seventh Co Motion with Special Reference to Sound." Discoveries on the Diffusion of Gases." WEDICAL TIMES AND GAZETTE ADVERTISER.

Practically all have had immunization, cancer and tuberculosis programs. The author thinks the case unique, inasmuch as the fcBtuses were born alive.

There was spina bifida of cervical and upper dorsal vertebrae, and double talipes. Accordingly, the depot of underclothing and as many hat linings of an orange red color. Barry observed, that by the aid of the stethoscope, Eaennec had reduced the diagnosis of diseases of the chest nearly to a certainty, that in the many hundred cases which this great pathologist had attended, he had only been mistaken in his diagnosis with respect to one or two cases. When the fiindus is partially retroflected the symptoms are slight, and the depletion and position.

Bierring, Chairman Des Moines Clark N.

Sternberg, Trustee Mount Pleasant Address all communications to the Editor of the Journal, The ninety-seventh meeting of the Iowa State Medical Society certainly will take its place in the memories of the members in attendance as one of the outstanding sessions.


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