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Indeed this has very generally been the process by which a change of doctrines and theories has been effected. And this combination of movements in the heart and arteries, acting and re-acting at the same time on each other, produces the endless variety of complicated motions distinguishable in the pulse. This was a most unusual finding, the picture quite definite in itself and after a minute search no evidence of other similar involvement, with the exception of the healed caseous nodules in both apices, which were like all other similar lesions, could be found. He could not accept the author's statement that recurrences of measles were common; when such apparently occurred, he would explain them on the supposition that measles had been confounded with rotheln. It puts on the garb of the most serious and fatal maladies as well as of the less dangerous. Formerly, in using strong injections I deemed it important to throw in only a very few drops at the diseased focus.

Appearance of the wound very much improved. Instead of that, the coats of his radial gradually lost their pliability, then become more and more thickened, growing harder all the time, until a year or so before the" stroke," that artery could have been felt more like a strong pulsating cord which you could roll over in its bed, perhaps giving to your fingers the impression of a wire under the skin (the). The difficulty of differentiating between veronal poisoning and epidemic encephalitis, unless a history of the taking of the drug could be obtained, has been Probably the greatest difficulty experienced Avas in differentiating between encephalitis of the apoplectiform type and true apoplexy, and between convulsive seizures due to encephalitis and those resulting from other causes. "Nfu-Ls: We are not yet aware of the manner in which poliomyelitis is transferred from one geographical locality- to another; we see it appearing in widel.y different sections with great BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL An independently owned Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published weekly, under the direction of the Editore and an Advisory Committee, by the BosToif Medical and Surgical Journal Society, Inc.


To these I was sometimes admitted, and did my best to save waste of food. But the best method of all, scientifically accurate, and in which you know exactly what you are doing, is Meigs' modified method. Medical schools more numerous, medica writers more prolific, and medical periodicals more abundant, than in the United States. To the nervous structures of the heart the power under certain conditions of also counter assuming we know that this is so. This, however, is entirely under the control of the surgeon, who can regulate the extension, flagyl so as to procure the exact length of new tendon required in each case. The plaintiff did not do well at home and was finally admitted to the hospital via ambulance in an extremely hypotensive and dehydrated state.

Abductor nerve has its roots in the pedunculi, and that they separate from them, turning backwards, after the pedunculi have the result of hypothetical reasonings, and not of actual observation. In others the normal rhythm is maintained for a few weeks or months; a few cases have been observed in which it has been maintained for six months or a year.

She sailed for Italy last month, taking with her a duodenobiliary drainage outfit, and will continue to give herself a treatment (as many patients have been taught to do) once a month. For the purposes of this Dispensary, rooms in the Hospital building are used, so that all interesting cases may be transferred to the Amphitheatre for Clinical teaching.

Usually of a thick, muco-purulent character.

Eustace Smith speaks highly of wheaten flour prepared by putting a pound in a pudding cloth and tying it up tightly (over). Between the sides of the ensiform cartilage and the cartilages of the adjoining ribs is n triangular space where the muscular fibres of the diaphragm are wanting; this space is closed by the peritoneum on the abdominal side, and the pleura on the side of tho chest. Before returning the cows to the farm it was deemed best to make sure that all the persons on the premises were free from infection. It receives as branches four or five large trunks, which unite to form the chylous receptacle, the trunks of the bicteals, a large trunk from the liver; also branches from the thoracic viscera and parieties, and trunks from the left side of the head, neck, which receives the lymphatic vessels from the right side of the head, neck, right arm, right lung, right side of the chest, and some branches from the liver. Besides which, a full and thorough series of lectures That nothing may be wanting to insure to the Student every advantage which could possibly be desired, the Dissecting Rooms will be opened, the first of October, a month previous to the commencement of the regular session, and during the month a course of lectures will be given by the Demonstrator on Splanchnology; the first lecture being delivered on the first Monday of October. Such results of surgery prevent patients with early favorable lesions from seeking the surgical treatment which today offers so much.

The tiltrate produces a deep photographic effect; the precipitate which was used to write four lines between the two horizontal black lines is without effect; on the original plate traces sufficient washing of the precipitate.


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