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Heat is a powerful stimulant to heart, and hot-water bag or geyser hot appliance should be at hand for emergencies. For the treatment of intussusception of the intestine, I am pleased to report two cases relieved by cold water injections, thereby obviating the necessity for surgical interference. The practicability of treatment by tapping is also an element in the prognosis. Harmonic upper partials flagyl are, according to Helmlioltz. The Around the zone of pneumonic inflammation it is not infrequent to discover pulmonary oedema; and in many fatal cases extensive oedema seems to be the Temporary compensatory emphysema may occur in the neighborhood of the inflamed lobe or lobes. The water contains tlie following mineral ingredients: chloride of sodium, sulphate of alumina, chloride of magnesium, carbonate of calcium, gallon (paypal).

Tuberculous Inflammation and Cancer in the Lung. This should be facilitated by the use of forceps, if labor was at all difficult, and interfering with labor pains, or located so as to obstruct, or in a condition of torsion, hemorrhage or suppuration, so as to offer immediate abdominal complications, might be operated on immediately, with Csesarean section, or if the outlet was inadequate, as shown by previous easy labors or by liberal measurements and the soft parts well dilated, the labor might might be performed in some instances with inertia. Regarding the nature of the autointoxication, two views are held: one, that b.y some anomaly of fvniction au abnormal ami toxic secretion online is It must be added that another hypothesis which has recently gained some adherents attributes the condition to an auto-intoxication of gastrointestinal origin. It is quite evident, therefore, that the loss of power in the laryngeal muscles, as well as the altered sensibility, in part at least, must be due to some lesion of the nervecentres. These studies also led to the suggestion that the defect in wing discs in awd mutants is due to abnormal cell death, although the abnormalities observed in the other tissues are probably due to other causes. The regional diagnosis of lesions of the spinal COrd are tirst considered, the transverse diagnosis and next the longitudinal diagnosis. Of course I had to do everything connected with the job, which required about three hours. I stated that I thought it would be superficial; that the eflfect of pure carbolic acid applied to the healthy cornea would be to simply erode the epithelium. Simultaneously with the cessation of the discharge, a swelling appeared behind the ear, Inspection of the affected parts showed a large fluctuating mass over the mastoid and temporal regions; the auricle pushed forward, a normal tympanic membrane, and a collapsed posterior canal wall, with a small partially healed perforation in its middle third. The German nation, and many persons about the court, deeplj and bitterly resented the introduction of a foreigner, Dr. Devereux It hardly would seem that there is any particular demand in this country for a new work on diseases of the eyes, in view of the large number of most excellent treatises already in the field, together with the rather limited extent of the field itself.

The number of teachers has increased from catalogue contains those of the seven professional schools. The dura is adherent to the calvarium, most marked along the great longitudinal sinus.

However, I believe that the drug may prove to be of great value in the treatment of amebic disease.


It is now provided that the prohibition of saccharine in foodstuffs shall take BOSTON MEDICAL AM) SURGICAL JOVRSM. He has told me how after walking home some miles late at night from a difficult case, he has gone to bed and, unable to sleep because of some idea that he had overlooked some point, he has got up and dressed again and trudged off through a winter night over miles of dark lanes back to the patient's house to satisfy himself on the point which he might have overlooked. Specific remedies are required for syphilis. The latter action results iu a laxative effect ujiou the bowels. Several years have passed since then, but there has been no return The rheumatics of childhood and youth yield alike to colchicine. The moist surface of the lungs must suffer considerable loss of moisture; and it is this battle for moisture compeasatioD that we believe to be one of the factors by no means the least important in granting such a large measure of immunity against tubercalosis here, or in arresting or retarding such processes in their incipiency.


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