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The history of some antecedent violence occurs too frequently in the reports of cases of Wasting Palsy to allow of its being set aside as a merely fortuitous circumstance, though the precise connection between the injury and the subsequent atrophy is often obscure. It was customary for numerous bands of musicians to traverse the length and breadth of the land during tho summer months, and the seasons of dancing at the different places were called"the women's little carnival,""camavaletto delle donne," for it was the women, more especially, who conducted the arrangements, and defrayed the expenses. In convalescence it is a valuable remedy; and, though the view expressed by some, that iron is practically a necessity at this stage, is probably too radical, there is no doubt that the combination of iron with arsenic or other treatment is most desirable during convalescence in this disease. Sweating may be little altered from the normal, but in some cases is decidedly increased and at times becomes excessive, especially in the later stages when diarrhoea or hemorrhages have led to rapid loss of strength. Local papers containing reports or news items should ie marked. The obstetrician may begin his prophylactic attention long before the orthopedist has the opportunity. Here again we have to do with cross paralysis, because we have to do with cranial nerves which decussate in the pons itself above the great decussation of the fibres for the limbs. Further, it was questioned by some observers whether the iron administered was absorbed at all, and Bunge constructed the attractive theory already referred to that the iron administered to chlorotic patients proves efficacious only by entering into combination with the sulphuretted hydrogen developed in excess by intestinal putrefaction and thus permits the ferruginous nucleoalbumins of the food to be absorbed.

Whatever makes for efficiency, the hospital is quick to appreciate and appropriate. The relations between this form of contraction and that which occurs in other cases, especially in tetanus and in that somewhat vague disorder to which Dr. Be removed, the online damage may be permanent.

It is true not only of the secondary stage but also of tertiary syphilis, though in the latter the chloroanaemic type In congenital syphilis the degree of anaemia is often very marked, tlie blood presenting appearances at times like those of clilorosis or at other times like those of pernicious anaemia. To aid in diagnosis, bismuth was given to her. It is surrounded by peritoneum except at the hilum.

The rich; men more than women; and perfons of robuft, more than thofe of weakly habits. This association of gastric, nervous and renal disturbance points at once to oxalic acid poisoning. It is an empirical fact acknowledged by a number of leading surgeons. Greorge Johnson, believing that the blood in renal disease is more or less noxious to the tissues since the vessels most rich in muscular tissue. Cases in former years, in which even repeated curettages failed to alleviate the hemorrhage, were cases there had been but one failure to relieve the hemorrhagic symptoms in these cases.

On the basis of the hematogenous distribution it was not possible to account for the more frequent localization of infection upon the ascending and transverse portions of the aorta.

Sampson; of incredible and mysterious acumen, as Wilkie Collins' Mr.


It is the mucosa of the corpus uteri that undergoes the greatest changes in its structure during menstruation. Place something between the teeth, such as a folded handkerchief, to prevent the biting of the tongue: femara.

Bigelow had clear vision and for many years, in season and out of season, demonstrated the when he read an address with this title before the Massachusetts Medical Society, the effect influence on medical practice in America than any other similar brief treatise." This paper His educational pamphlets caused widespread discussion at home and abroad. But where a member has been expelled in violation of the rules and bylaws of the association, and the bylaws do not allow adequate relief by appeal from such expulsion, the member may resort to a court A member of a county medical association, in an action for an injunction to restrain his compulsion, alleged that he had been tried by the association upon charges presented on the night on which he was tried and convicted, he having had no notice or knowledge of the existence of such charges until after he had presented his defense to other charges of which he had notice; that his trial was in violation of the bylaws and rules of the association, while the provisions for appeal made by the association were wholly inapplicable and inadequate, and could not have afforded the plaintiff any relief for his alleged unlawful conviction and expulsion. Jackson reasons, and reasons to good purpose; for most assuredly the difficulties which beset any attempt to localize the choreic lesion relations between hemichorea and hemiplegia, as a ground for l)elieving that the region of the corpus striatum is the part Dr.

Chorea may be a most trifling disorder or a very grave malady. Chlorosis and pernicious anaemia are usually distinguished with ease. In examining any kind of tumor the utmost gentleness should be observed, and obscure points in the diagnosis not bearing upon the therapy, should rather be left undecided till after the operation. One gentleman told me that just as an attack was coming on he always thought,"This is what I had foreseen, I Imew it would come on here, I ought to have avoided it by remaining away;" and this, although there had not been the remotest suspicion beforehand that an attack was imminent, or that the circumstances about to be entered upon would be likely to induce it. I tried it in every form, and of every quality, but without fuccefs. He was considered a splendid medical witness, and his assistance was sought in all cases where medical testimony would affect the verdict.

In cases of true angina associated with sclerosis of the coronary arteries or the aorta, the principles of treatment enunciated under the caption arteriosclerosis are applicable.


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