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For a visit to the eastern hospitals, expecting to return about The October meeting of the Los Angeles Eclectic Society Is it possible to place an Eclectic Medical College into Class A? Is it possible to so endow an Eclectic institution that even its most pronounced enemies will not be able to find any faults with it? Can we so improve an Eclectic medical college that it will compare with the very best medical colleges in this country? Can we make an Eclectic medical college an institution of learning to such an extent that we, all of us, shall be proud of it? Can an Eclectic medical college become a center of world-wide renown as a medical school, a school which will graduate teh very best trained physicians? The Council of Medical Education of the National Eclectic Medical Association believes that it can be done, and has selected the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati as the college on which it will concentrate its efforts for the present The Council believes it can be done, providing you, doctor, are willing to extend a helping hand. We all felt (I speak for the members of the Board as a whole, I think) that it would be better to effect this amalgamation by extending it over a longer period of time, but for reasons that Avere presented to the Executive Board, it I think that states the position or the question as it has been discussed with the Editor and with the Secretary by the members of the Board. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Quitman's remarks about a case of anaphylaxis makes me think of a similar case which was called to my attention last year.

A certain patient was sent to his ante-natal clinic because she had given birth to a macerated foetus, two years previously.


Original articles of interest to the profession are solicited. In fact his condition demand? the consideration of tJie.Ncw York Obstetrical Society. Thomas' supervision, in order to bring the work abreast of the scientific advances of the day, of the latter's classic treatise on" Diseases of Women." of the Board of Health of New Brunswick, and one of the most prominent medical men in New Jersey, died Baldwin, a distinguished minister of the Reformed Dutch Church, and was graduated from Rutgers College and the New York University Medical School. The treatment ranges from the practice of allowing the afflicted cow to shift for herself,.selling her to the butcher or to some unsuspecting buyer, to calling in more or less effective professional aid. Get the tissues full of water and be sure to get rid of any toxins that may be in the gastrointestinal tract.

These and similar diets owe their effect to the absence of meat and their low caloric value in general.

The myocardium, the valvular endocardium, and the tunica intima of the great vessels were of a dark yellowish-brown color, darkest in the lining of the pulmonary artery; base of aorta studded with light yellowish atheromatous patches in strong contrast with the dark yellowish-brown color of the intima. Early in the disease only a very slight alteration in the condition of the blood had taken place, the large mononuclears being increased at the expense of the small elements, leaving the proportion between the young and adult forms unchanged. It would be of no benefit, however, to describe here what online acidosis is or what kinds of researches have hitherto been made on the subject. They will give you an accurate relation of the various sinuses to one another. Ralph Robinson, professor of resigned. However, entering any considerable cavity.

Apply tincture The great enemies of fistula clozaril are, first, the old-time quack with his bluestone, corrosive sublimate, butter of antimony, and caustics. Owing to absence of craniotomy instruments, hysterectomy performed, and patient died. I say memorable, because presenting itself as it did, in the first years of my practice, it afforded me a most instructive experimental lesson, and an opportunity to test the soundness of the authorities upon this vital question.

Abortus which has grown on artificial media for some time is increased for both swine and guinea-pigs by passage through sows.

The only comment to be made is that several of these cases show an interval from childbearing which corresponds with an interval of absence of the husband under strain, and it would appear doubtful to me if it is ever good practice to subject a scar in an organ so liable as is the uterus to excessive distension and powerful contraction to the strain of labour. Kiernan: On all tests you will get late reactions. Several physicians had had a try at it before the case came to me. A traction-weight of about four pounds was applied, and, when two angular side-splints were adjusted to the sides of the knee, so as to embrace the thigh, the knee, and the upper part of the leg, the fragments were kept well in place.


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