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Despite the loss of much food there had been nogreat diminution in weight, but physical strength was definitely below normal. As regards the treatment of enteric fever as now practiced, I can only say the tendency of the profession is to use less medication and rely most upon some form of antiseptic, salol and listerine holding first place in the hands of the writer, and otherwise meeting indications as they arise. Alton Ochsner presented a paper on the role of vasospasm in thrombophlebitis at Emory Dr. The cavity becomes filled with laminae of firm fibrin, which become more and more dense and hard, the sac shrinks consideraljly, and finally lime salts are deposited in the old fibrin. The secretion is not so dark-yellow, or so thickly purulent as in real blennorrhoea, but more mucous, translucent, and stringy. Conjointly with these means the use of friction to the skin may be advantageously employed. Matas, and and the opportunity to perpetuate as a memorial the relationship which existed between the two great pioneers in vascular surgery in the United States, Rudolph Matas and William S.

For the past month following a cold in the head this has been particularly bad. The blood effused into the cellular tissue causes swelling and pain, sometimes even inflammation of the part affected, or it may be reabsorbed without the occurrence of any important local or Should one of the large veins in the chest or belly be torn, the hemorrhage takes place into loose cellular tissue or into one of the serous cavities, and the patient dies with all the symptoms of internal hemorrhage in a few hours, rarely surviving for a few days.


A day later, cheap a resection of the ninth rib (portion) was performed. The fact that it does not act upon the heart, except in so far as it affects the vasomotor system, causing contraction even of the ulterior arterioles, thereby lessening their caliber, does not seem to be fully appreciated. When buying tickets to Lexington the delegate will pay full tare, and must obtain from the ticket agent a certificate of purchase, which, after being countersigned by the Secretary of the Society at the meeting, will enable him to purchase a return ticket at quoting from German journals.

Ribes observes, in his inimitable essay, that, according to his experience as well as that of others, the fistula in ano in phthisical subjects should remain undisturbed, and that it is not only useless, but even dangerous, to subject such patients to the operation.' the reason fistula is considered as a dangerous disease,, although in reality it is not so, but it is the consequence of the more important diseases which destroy life. I He then passed to the consideration of several current topics which possess special importance. Just recently, epigastric distress was found to be caused by a diverticulum of the esophagus, as far up as the hyoid level. The eyeball was pale, and his eyesight not as yet affected. Later, electrical, mechanical, and tonic treatment is indicated. This hypertrophy is, according to the writer, characterized not only by obvious enlargement of the kidney, but histologically by a notable increase of the cells of the convoluted tubules. Emotional and nervous disturbances arrived Irish girls were very prone to the disease in Mtontreal.

Amatriptylene - gastric disturbances of various sorts are often complained of. Emmet, seen but one instance of this kind of ovary. There is a condition of moderate dilatation, apparently congenital, which is not connected with any oljstruction in the ducts. He has had a slight cough and expectoration without coryza or constitutional symptoms, associated with dull marked. At night, applications of the following paste are of benefit: Unna advises multiple scarifications of the dilated veins after Hebra. As regards the pecu liar form of respiration wliicli Stokes lias described as characteristic of this disease, and which lias been named after him'' Stokes' Respiratory Phenomenon," we know now that this singular and distinctly marked kind of respiration occurs in many diseases.

Wylie drew attention to the difficulties of early and accurate diagnosis in extra-uterine pregnancy.


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