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"Have read the article in the May Clinic in his" Guide to Alkaloidal Medication," about the use of thyroid extract in similar cases. Tubercule-bacilli residue was therefore ground up with milk sugar, in such proportion that one gram of the powder contained one ten-thousandth of a milligram of the active skimmed milk (diluted) which answered equally as well as serum.

; we simply elevate the diseased part with a pair of smooth forceps, or perhaps the finger and thumb, then with a pair of scissors remove it, and apply our hcemostatic on a dossil of lint. The whole of the abdominal wall is numb. After he recovered, he kept good health until two and a-half months ago, when symptoms set in by a feeling of numb ness extending from both feet up to the knees. The treatment, of course, is to get rid of the offending matter from the digestive tract in all possil)le ways, drinking warm water, washing out the stomach and bowels, and supporting the heart, above diclofenac all things, while nature is making her desperate fight for supremacy. If this contraction were general and extended to the smaller tubes, the reverse would be the case, for a smaller stream of air would be brought to bear upon the obstructing material. In babies, after two weeks old, the method was found of value. Abscess form.ntion in the joints, mus(des, within the be involved, the prognosis becomes most seiious. CYTOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER (PART I) CARCINOMA OF THE STOMACH IN HAWAII against the grand mal or psychomotor type of epileptic seizure. On gently heating a specimen in a glass tube, without any addition, it gave out ammonia freely. Patients suffering with pruritus and ulcerations on the legs, occurring as the result of malnutrition of the tissues, are treated by ordinary remedies, with good results. The chisel can be applied in such a way as to exert the force away from the brain and not produce any concussion. And there are no better men anywhere to work witli than here. Von Noorden suggests that in bacterial diseases they may give a ferment, and cause the cells then to dispose of more sugar, and thus get rid of it in that way. Can't you give me a tonic?""Yes, take extracts of hops and malt.""Oh, doctor! that is Teutonic." Doctor, I fear that I am in an interesting condition. Percussion note on both flanks dull. The patient has excellent sight; can see to read with the ordinary biconvex glass, and recognizes acquaintances at a distance with the periscopic. One man who sat attentively through a meeting, after listening to an hour's lecture by Dr.

One page in the ledger gives ample room for recording a patient's account for a year or Diet in Health and Disease. Orange-juice from potassium fresh oranges is best because it takes up the basic salts during digestion and thus serves its good purpose of supplying potash and such salts. This procedure was repeated daily, at first, and then at longer intervals, over a period of about one mouth, at the end of which time all inflammatory symptoms subsided. The spirituous liquors are required in acute illness, and are beneficial in old age. If, however, the rectal irrigation is not convenient, the nurse can give the hot enema. He reports a number of cases only one patient failed to show improvement following the Roentgen treatment.


The pain is much more severe over the dorsum, and in the interosseous spaces.

Undoubtedly more than one morbid state is included under the name of dysentery, and the treatment adapted to one form may not be useful in another. To the practised car some change in the physical signs in the lungs would be found, if in a space never so small, and possibly, by proper examination, the dreaded microorganism of consumption would be found in the sputum. Brown is one of tlie few wht) report failure with calcium sulphide. In fact veratrine is not quite as much of a depressant as we have been taught in our textbooks on therapeutics, and in small doses is sometimes considered a tonic to the circulation. To him who becomes expert on this subject this is as demonstrable as the Corpernican theory to astronomers.


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