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It is quite certain that in nearly all instances of destruction of the articular cartilages, in the lower animals at least, there have been extensive ulcerations without the presence of any vascular membrane; and in one instance that fell under my notice, a false membrane was found covering the articular surface of the astragalus, the cartilage of which presented no signs of ulceration; whilst the tibial cartilage of the same joint was ulcerated without being covered by any adventitious membrane.


For this purpose the has given an account of a case of erysipelas of the scalp, face, and breast, which was attended with delirium, succeeded by coma and insensibilit)", witli other symptoms portending a fatal termination; and which was successfully treated by the daily use of the turpentine combined with castor-oil, both by the mouth and per anum. Its L DISEASES OF THE TRUE HOCK-JOINT. Broad I have treated a great number of horses suffering from laminitis, and very successfully without exercise. This lessened the heat, decomposed the mucus and This was continued for twelve days. The small vesicular elevations, the irregularly diffused raspberry efflorescence, and the tumefaction of scarlatina, are usually sufiicient to distinguish this affection from roseola. It first started as scattered pea sized pinkish areas with scanty dry silvery scaling. In shoulder and knee lameness more particularly, the signs of pain are more discernible during the elevation of the foot from the ground; whereas in foot and other diseases below the knee, the converse is the rule.

And looking at a blank mass of monotonous white for many hours may have disabled the sight or have confused the judgment. The mistake is sometimes made of advising a patient, who is in a state of nervous exhaustion to travel.- The irritating annoyances incident to long journeys are well known to those who have traveled much. The theory of phagocytosis by wliich an explanation is offered of the manner in which suliii particles obtain of infection, have each a strong bearing upon this subject.

When the disease occurs in weak and nervous individuals, it is apt to assume a typhoid character, and is generally accompanied with low delirium throughout the greater part of its course.

Within an hour after a second catheter had been introduced, following removal of the first, labor began. Not contented with demolishing Ins own theory, he also pitilessly disposes of another which fuund raueh favour a short time ago. This gradual melioration of the febrile symptoms continues under the free flow of the perspiration, until the paroxysm terminates in a state of perfect The apyrexia, or intermission, though entirely free from febrile phenomena, cannot, however, be regarded as a state of health; for during this interval, the patient usually feels some degree of languor; becomes easily fatigued; complains often of a want of appetite, and an indisposition to bodily or mental exertion.

Water rates are rates in fact as well as in name, and the ordinaiy methods of enforcing payment of other rates witliout tlie power of cutting off the supply for nonpayment would be amply sufficient not only to secure their payment, but also to leave the companies much better secured tlian ordinary tradesmen. Lind zealously advocates the propriety of exhibiting a full dose of opium, soon after the hot stage is developed, as a general practice. We then consider the aftereffects of vagus excitation, and show that the temporary increase in the output which is sometimes present may be explained by a temporary increase in the force of the auricular contractions, and by the venous pressure taking some little time to fall after the vagus excitation has ceased. He leaves a widow, one son, and lliree daughters. The spleen was considerably "buy" enlarged and diffluent, as in septiccemia; tbo kidneys were enlarged and congested, as in iufectiou.s nephritis. The soda paroticlis is a small lobe of the gland, occasionally detached from it. This, as well as the cancer juice, is formed during the growth of the cancer, and therefore differs from the" stroma of scirrhus" by being part of the malignant growth, and not of the tissue in which it grows. Hankin which he wished to bring into relation with Wooldridge's work was his from the spleen of an animal which was known to be relatively immune against anthrax. Any slight agitation then was capable of disengaging the corpuscle from the vessel to which it was now external." The escape of the corpuscle was supposed by Dr. This consideration induced me to use the following modus operandi on revealed that two of his brothers had died from cancer of the ston.'ach, presented a fairly large carcinoma of the pylorus, which was slightly movable. And in the online urine of persons suffering from nephritis a substance analogous to adrenalin which produces a dilatation of the pupils of frogs, is more or loss constant, and is found in relation with a rise of the blood pressure. LOleven cases of retinitis condition was certainly hereditary, and there was no evidence of consanguinity; in L' cases consanguinity was proved, but the author thinks heredity, of which there was good evidence, was as j)atient was the oll'spring of uncle and niece; neither parent had any eye allection, but the mother's sister, who was seen by Trousseau, had retinitis pigmentosa in an advanced stage.

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They are repainted every year, no mats or carpets are allowed on the parquet floor, and there are no curtains to the beds or windows. The lower illustration is propecia a mid section of the limb.


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