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The patient should be confined to one room until recovery is complete. The principal diet should consist of meat, butter, cheese, and a very The.ffitiology of Phthisis was the title of a paper by Dr. The subcutaneous route is the safest, and by it saline or any other electrolytic solution is satisfactorily absorbed. But, furthermore, their presence is often directly and actively misehievous. Injury to a nerve is indicated when there is severe pain present, extending along the course of its distribution. Agnew took a great interest in young men, and was as kind and affable to the tyro as to the veteran in the profession, and he carried this kindly manner and affability into his professional life as a consultant, and greatly to these kindly traits, strengthened, of course, by his surpassing ability as a surgeon, did he owe the fact of his enormous consultation practice, extending to a majority of such cases, perhaps, happening at the height of his busy life, in the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. There being no rules and regulations referring to a minimum of accomplishments or requirements, "canada" a few of these were let loose upon the unsuspecting public with a diploma; the majority, When the new board was appointed in the beginning of this year, its members accepted their positions upon the condition that the Board of Regents would authorize a number of rules and principles which were to regulate the examinations. To prove the futility of such reasoning, it is only necessary to state tcm of the morbid irritability, sensibility and lepletion, consequent to the suppression of any important secretion, or any scirrhous liver, or spleen, or pancreas, the too sudden checking have all been the cause of haemorrhage. Examination of excised tissue proves that the nerve proper and the terminals are alike affected. These mantles they will FORTY YEARS IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION worthily wear until the cycle revolves again, and others, now unknown, shall fill their places; and so the cycle will revolve John Ashhurst and J. Since the distribution of the IXth nerve borders or paroxysms of lightning-like pain in the region of the tonsil or in the throat. Constipation should be combated by mild remedies, for severe and even fatal consequences have followed vigorous purgatives. Other men with mangled minds are inflamed thereby to go and do likewise. She was very loath to return to Arkansas, where she would be miles away from a competent surgeon, without at least knowing the exact nature of her trouble, and, on being told by me that the mortality-rate of exploratory operations was not over two per cent., she decided to have it done, and said that" she knew there was something in there which had no business there," and that she w r anted it removed if I concluded, after opening the belly, that the chances of life and death would be even. In many tropical countries the satisfactory growths of the more important organisms can be obtained. There arc numerous cases on record which directly proves that the membrana tympani is not essentially necessary to the faculty of distinguishing sound; therefore we may concludcf Cooper has noticed an instance, in which the membrana tympani of one ear was totally destroyed by disease, and that of tlien Bllmg It half full of bnt water, I added two lea spoonfuls of atrong in which no trace of the membrane of time. Squeezes and contusions may rupture more or less of the inner tunics: occasionally the pulse disappears from large vessels after a contusion.

We must not allow our standards to be dragged down, but neither can we allow our financial affairs to go on the rocks. The appointment of ii medical commission to visit Havana and stndy the disease"wliere it is endemic, is a step in the right direction, and mnch vahiable information is h)oked for from this source. In cases of subcortical wordbUndness internal speech and thought are not impaired (since the action of the auditory and motor- vocal speech centres is not deranged). The chief claim to originality which is made by him consists in the use of a layer of moistened sculptor's clay, which is spread over the abdomen, to diminish the resistance of the skin and permit of the passage of currents of high intensity without burning. Complications following transurethral prostatectomy may include: epididymitis, prostatic abscesses (rare), thrombophlebtiis of the legs (to be treated as usual), and spinal-puncture headaches which disappear after a few days of rest. Munde, in summing up the report of his cases, stated "buy" that in the future he should operate with his patient in the gluteo-dorsal position in preference to the Sims, his main reason being the difficulty of doing the operation in case of narrow vagina. This is the earliest case of diabetes on record, perhaps, and the one because I had formerly had satisfactory results. There has been no improvement in his condition, save that he has lost a feeling TREATMENT OF DISEASE OF THE SPINAL CORD. George Stevens for his continued work and writings in elucidation of affections of the ocular muscles.

It is wise to keep the patient in bed until the sedimentation rate has The rate of the heart beat usually returns to gallop rhythm, is an index of severe cardiac damage and calls for more than the usual period of When the patient first gets out of bed, it is helpful, in order to prevent the collection of blood in extremities grown flabby from disuse, to apply Ace bandages to the feet and legs. "But even this figure," it properly adds," is fearfully high." It seems that the promoters of the scheme have only lately come to recognize the expensiveness of this great mortality, and to take steps A coNTRiBTJTOR to the" Wiener mediciuische Pressc" rccommends xylol as a remedy in small-pox (clozaril).


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