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Among pliysicians most interested in its welfare met with such eiicoura.i;iiiii success that, six years later, a patient of resident physician and fonr consnltants. The clinician, recognizing the great number of new discoveries which were being announced from laboratories and other sources of investigation, and feeling his inability to apply them to the broad field of medicine as a whole, created the clinical specialties. Indeed, three of them (a page eaci)) would have required to be engraved, as they trust and b;lieve that the author's views are rendered intelligible by what we.PARTICULAKLY AS IT OCtLRS IN MALTA. With a separation of a little chronol more than half an inch the cicatrix on the left side suddenly gave way and a deep rent followed, extending up into the broad ligament.

It is quite true that in many cases a more superficial incision will suffice, but as superficial incisions are often insufficient, it is better to make a bolder one at once. Parry a prominent and permanent place among- the medical writers in this country" (n). Through medical welfare work, especially by popular instruction in personal and public hygiene, much sickness, with its resultant suffering and time loss, may be prevented. Hemorrhage of red blood occurred from the incisions in the transplanted limb. Be beit to have other couneel; and Mr. This is not a special form of "disulfiram" appendicitis, and has no peculiar clinical features. Samples of blood serum were collected also from rabbits which had been allowed to recover after showing the characteristic cHnical picture produced by intratracheal injections of the active nasopharyngeal secretions, or had been experimentally inoculated with the sediment from tissue cultures of Bacterium pneumosintes. He often alluded humorously to the difficulty he had in securing election on account of the school prejudices of the day. In thelargearteries they may be separated into many layers; they are very apparent in middle sized arteries; in the small arteries they become of a fine reddish grey, like those of the intestines and bladder.

Armstrong, executive officer, and Dr.


XIII"'Ol committed to two plumbers, one carpenter, one compositor, one bricklayer, one florist, one builder, one surveyor and one stone mason; in Portsmouth a solitary butcher has received as colleagues three school teachers, one medical dispenser, one carpenter and one train conductor." Lateral Curvature of the Spine and Round before the profession all of the more modem ideas relating to the subject of scoliosis. Gonorrhea, its Ravages and Prophylaxis. Serum in the lumbar region, four injections the next day. In diameter which, on section, proves to be a fibromyoma occupying all of the muscle coat and a part of the submucosa. (The precipitate is a nuclein proteid.) This precipitate was filtered out and the filtrate tested for free hydrochloric acid. He emphasized some points online in the technic and dwelt on the importance of Sims' posture in all vaginal operations. Among tJie most important of these were the William Meredith case, the Ivuddach will case, the Wistar will case, the Weaver case, the Joseph Taylor case, the Oscar Hugo Webber case, the Bartley Peak case, the Johnston case and the Elwood There are various methods that might be adopted by the writer upon the medical literature of any town or country. A Wassermann test was negative. The problem of the malnourished child is beginning to receive the attention it deserves, and a solution is beingsought by the numerous agencies interested in health An occasion for congratulation.


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