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The patient should be carefully watched in such cases, until the bleeding has ceased.

Dublin,' statistician of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, among"the death rate from gastric cancer and, by inference, the incidence of gastric cancer, appears to be decreasing at a rate greater than can be attributed to chance alone." If this appearance turn out to be reality, every doctor, every thoughtful educated person, will ex come from few acquisitions of knowledge. Rules and regulations for the Qi'een Victoria's jubilee Institute for Nurses. There are, accordingly, cases of nephritis which show almost nothing abnormal to the naked eye, while, on the other hand, there are haemorrhagic and nonhaemorrhagic forms, appearing pale, yellow, red.

No deformity of the spine or chest existed, nor were there any marked changes in the clavicle or the scapulae. Babcock values the Nauheim home treatment in private practice, fully satisfied that he has obtained definite results in reduction of area of cardiac dullness, and in favorable cases of mitral stenosis of the second degree (Broadbent) he has restored the second apex sound by baths and resistance exercises, and obtained great general improvement.


I lately heard from a kinsman of his who had originally sent the case to me, that he had been constantly in active duty, and from the time of his appointment had remained in good health, and was totally This case has been narrated somewhat in detail because of its unusual features. Bladder: Negative; urine negative to sugar; hypertrophy of middle lobe of prostate. The vas deferens may be resected in the scrotum with an ease and a safety that makes one wonder why it has not been more often chosen by men as a means of preventing pregnancy in their wives. The case is briefly as follows: Miss R., aged twenty-five years, had suffered from insomnia for five years, resulting from neuralgia, and had been given chloral and other drugs for its amelioration. The Governor (Endieott) is a goodly wise and humble gentleman and very discreet, and of a firm and good temper. On a somewhat rare form of chronic in. To these causes may be added certain toxical agencies which interfere with hiematopoiesis, namely, lead, malaria, etc. A combination of cochineal and the carbonate of potassa, commonly known as the cochineal mixture, has been much employed in this country. York Kingdom, a weekly allowance during incapacity from sickness or accident. An intermediate position is occupied by those focal symptoms which occur in many cases as the result of certain anatomical changes secondary to the new growth. For it is a melancholy truth, that a cure for epilepsy, is no sooner announced, than it never again proves successful, however often, or faithfully it may be tried. Under an anesthetic which gives perfect relaxation, such as is obtained with spinal anesthesia, a salpingectomy may be done with the greatest possible ease. It does not avail himself of what it offers for his patients. According to this idea, the polyuria longing, in many cases, for carbohydrates.

Be instructed to send copies of the Motion made by Colby and seconded by Sevier that the resolutions as read be adopted in toto (cheap). Department of Commerce: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada and South Carolina. We have also to decide whether the condition be a temporary or a permanent one, or, in other words, whether we have to deal with mere glycosuria or genuine diabetes mellitus. Illustrated from original drawings by the This is an admirable little book on bandaging. Gastric disorder is occasioned by over-repletion of the stomach, the ingestion of indigestible articles of food, or an arrest of digestion by strong emotions, fatigue, or other causes.

(" Second Stage of BrighPs Disease." Chronic Parenchymatous Nephritis, Chronic Hamorrhccgic Nephritis, Large White Kidney, Secondary Contracted Kidney.) its course in.several days or weeks, and only rarely extends over some months, we will now speak of inflammatory degenerative aif ections of the kidneys which last at least several months, and often go on for a year or two.

Tlie measures to relieve spasm are various, each of which proves efficacious in some cases and not in others. The normal pacemaker of the heart is the sinoauricular posterior wall of the right auricle just below and in front of the entrance of the superior ditropan vena cava.

It is supposed that pressure on the heart might interfere with its action, and in one or two reported cases the auricles are stated to have been atrophic. In other instances we find that the caseation occurs really in the center of a large newly formed mass of epithelial cells with intercellular substance, vessels, etc., all of which are arranged togather in a firm mass with radiating bands into the surrounding tissue. Besides the symptoms of impairment of sensation and motion just described, we often find also symptoms of sensory and motor irritation.


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