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A warm bath haying been previously prepared, she the water or on immersion. Especially is this so with children.

When viewed externally, wbich is convex and extensive, and is called the greater curvature, (F.) Grand courbure.


If no report is made the order for his detention' comes to an end. Hulbert in speaking of the case, said that in the many cases of lacerated cervices he had met, he had observed that that portion of the cervix which remained intact retained the power of contracting, not being affected to any appreciable extent by the laceration. Sulphur, as wo meet with it, is in rolU, Sulphur in rot'ulis, S, rotun'dum, Roll Brimstone.

The salts of the alkaline metals are those most commonly diatomaceous earth incinerated with calcium aacc ha rate and impregnated with three times their weight of bromine, which Is gradually given off by them.

The tinctura f erri chloridi is much improved in its therapeutic action when given with potassium The next paper was on Clinical Aspects of Renal Cancer, by John A. The body becomes embedded in the potato-mass that is formed, shaped like a spoon or scoop, for scraping away removal of vegetations, retained placenta, etc., by means of a curct. POTASS, Potassa, Potassa fusa, Potash. A dog was submitted to the effects of chloral until the reflex phenomena which have their origin in the medullary substance were entirely suppressed. Wenn die Schnecke auf einer Glasplatte kriecht, koennen diese Schlaeuche von der Ventralseite gesehen werden. The act or proci- of above; verger c, to turn). Certain light, round, azithromycin depressed, or oblong hairs, and the dtbrie of shells are met with. The senior students have daily to be in the wards and dispensaries, and get plenty of opportunity for bedside work, operations, etc. That the disease, variable, treacherous and dangerous as it is, can be modified, mitigated and cured by careful and judicious treatment in the large majority of cases is established. Tuberculate Sarco'ma of Ab'erxethy, Empty'ma Sarcoma tnberculo'sum, Tumor tuberculosve. An indigenous plant, of the family Papaverocese, growing from western Pennsylva nia to Wisconsin, which flowers from May to August The juice is fetid and narcotic. Indeed, one of my cases was attacked with the disease, although the persulphate of iron, in free doses, had been in use for hsemoptysis for more than forty-eight hours. Among the new features of the present edition are the Sixth Part, of between forty and fifty pages, on the hygiene of children from birth to weaning, a detailed account of cephalic version by external manipulation, and an appendix on the use of antesthetics in labor. Absorption-, after parturition, f., African hemoglobtnuric. Were the School Committee powerless to break up the custom, we really think the police should receive instruction to place in confinement for the day all children found in the streets without proper clothing. When a man lies quietly at rest his bodily activities are nearly at a minimum and his total metabolism is approximately what we regard as"basal." In this state his oxygen requirements are small and the necessary amount of oxygen is easily supplied to the arterial blood by slow and rather shallow breathing. Every nation has its load of disease but in some countries sufficient attention has been paid to a study of the load to determine its exact nature and to discover ways whereby it may be lightened. The sides of the chest PLEURAPOPHTSES, Costae verse, 1g see Costa. Owing to the locality of the original trouble a precise and sufficient scarification was not practicable, and, as a result, we find the process spreading in several directions. An Esmarch's bandage having been applied to the limb, a vertical incision, four inches in length, is made, commencing one inch above the base of the patella, through skin and fascia down to tendon.


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