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The cancer ward grants us many and varied opportunities from the standpoint of closer and more concise observation of the progress of a case. After half a minute the entire mucosa was seen to be covered with a thin, whitish layer, which penetrated more deeply according to the length of exposure to the action of the hot water. Whenever the glands of the axilla become indurated, or where the scirrhous tumour adheres to the parts below, or where the skin becomes ulcerated, or where there are indications of malignant disease in other organs, he believes these circumstances, or any one of them, should be sufficient to forbid an operation(a). The term in medical jurisprudence usually embraces the question of sound mental condition and capability of acting properly. This may seem a sordid consideration; and if it is allowed to be the mainspring of action, it indeed becomes so.

The toxic property of serum for sensitive guinea-pigs can be altered. Medical art can frequently only moderate the symptoms of a disease, prevent it from making progress, prolong the days of the patient, and dimiuish his suffering.


These symptoms appear if both nerves are divided beiow the jugular ganglion. On the second day many additional punctures were made, and on the third day they were again repeated. Uk - he believed that, in some cases, with Dr. Ventro-tixation is done to relieve the patient of symptoms depending upon malposition of the uterus; and this it does do decidedly. Of Helve'tina, the French Codex has a formula for their preparation, consisting of alum, sandragon, and honey of roues. A fire-place is brought in, or extemporised on the tloor of the lying-in chamber by having a flat box or a simple rectangular framework of planks or trunks of banana trees, three feet by four, filled in with earth to the depth of six inches. Accordingly, lacking a Conservative candidate, their sympathies are largely in favour of the claim of Sir John Lubbock, our Vice-Chancellor, who would carry into the House literary culture, eminent scientific capacity, and the confidence and esteem of of April lolh induces me to ask your publication of the following remarks, seeing that, by your editorial pen, special emphasis is laid on Professor Lister's advocacy of what he terms" a principle". The Crookes tube is then so placed that its centre of eifort will be directed somewhat in front of the axis of the superior strait.

Through the generosity of a lady resident, land and building have been provided and the hospital is fairly launched on its career. A'rea, lobe, and outer surmce of temporal lobe.

No opium-smokers are allowed the privilege of members of the Church, and early marriages among the latter are greatly discouraged. Though she had passed amoxicillin a full motion shortly before, she took a dose of salts and senna, which was no sooner swallowed than it was vomited. I followed out this procedure closely and the patients got along uninterruptedly well.

The agony of the little sufferer was very painful to witness, and the diagnostic mark of the powerful indrawing of the intercostal spaces was as characteristic as I ever saw it (500mg). The present winter season shows a considerable increase in the number of cases over last year, and our capital city has a sufficient number of cases to be justly disturbed over the matter.

He believes that in a perfectly healthy eye no amount of work can ever be sufficient per sc to induce myopia. Muaquash (mus'kwosh) root, ticuta maculaU. Effects produced by larvae dipterous insects, the gad-fly or breeze. A tendency for the liver to be in arrears of work is all the evidence we can expect from the examination of the organs of starving animals. This oxide has been given in rheumatism iu the dose of ten to twenty grains.


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