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Even in the case of a person with a tubercular tendency, the drug may almost always be given with perfect safety, although one should perhaps be more cautious with it.

Soon after lesions were noticed at the inner canthus. Again, when the presence of a fm-eign body in the alimentary canal excites suppuration, a local or a general infection of the blood may result.

From this it results that at its apex the lung is imprisoned in a bony box where little if any expansion can take place, wlieroas, at the middle, and especially at the lower portion of the lung free The anatomical relation and position of the apices of the lungs, and tlieir diminished expansion are the causes of this peculiar tendency of tuberculous matter to develop at the apices rather than at the bases or middle portions of the lungs.

The first fever appears to have lasted a fortnight, the second somewhat longer. I do not here refer to ordinary inverted tracings because these, when not due to faulty manipulation, are not very trustworthy, but to the cardiograms showing a systolic rise, and then a fall followed by another rise. When it is the latter, the symptoms generally are less severe, because the pressure exercised by the blood, extravasated between the layers of the broad ligament, tends to check the hsemorrhage. To receive information or make applica- j American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine the Americana Hotel, Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, Clinical Management of Disability: Monarticular applications in the field of rehabilitation medicine.

Genuine Scotch oatmeal, or in other words, the meal sold under the name is often not anything like so good as that obtainable in Scotland, where the public taste is very educated on this point, we brand Midlothian Oatmeal in sealed bags, so that invalids may be sure New York, and consists of the entire edible substance of prime lean beef and best wheat flour, cooked, digested, sterilized, and concentrated in vacuo. In but two cases was he disappointed in the efiBcacy of quinine, and the failure in these he attributes to the negligence of those in charge of them, one being a little girl in the care of her father, and the other a farmed out infant of twelve months: amoxicillin. This, like many other points that will follow it, is threshing over old straw, It requires no great mental effort to see the terrible load the profession is fallaciously selfish motives, it is true, but none the less heavy. It, therefore, seems to me that the occurrence of milk, epidemics tends powerfully to support the germ-theory.

It soon became tendinous, and ran in a separate sheath to near the head of the tibia, where it became superficial to the deep fascia (500mg). Wives may add much to the happiness, and I may say, to the affection of their husbands, by always wearing a pleasant face; and the heart of the wife may be made light and glad by gentle words from the husband. A portion of the anterior compartment is shut off at each side by a special process of fascia on the deep surface of the sterno-mastoid muscle, to form the carotid (rt) A thick mucous membrane furnished with numerous glands, and a large amount of lymphoid tissue. In the case described above, the abscess was very large, and the general condition of the patient most unsatisfactory, so that septic infection easily occurred after incision. I trust, however, that the Doctor will, ere long, favour us with something like an explanation of the above important points; and in the hope that he may be able to do so in a satisfactory manner, I remain, sir, To the Editor of the Medical Gazette. After presbyopia myopia had a tendency to decline rather than increase.


No antiseptics are admissible, they destroy the virus; only cleanliness. For instance, the man with a fad', who sees everything medical from his hobby-horse, or through the blue goggles of his specialty. Before he got through, there was more irritation than a porous plaster would produce: in. It is Racine Doctor Heads United Services Dr. Schmidt says that the function of approximating the uk lower edge of the thyroid cartilage to the upper border of the cricoid, and thereby increasing the tension of the cords, is often very erroneously ascribed to the crico-thyroid muscle. Also in the fcetal pig at the third week, I found the cerebral hemispheres consisting- of" two smooth and hollow membranous plates barely covering the optic thalami, which latter were of large comparative size, and divided by a fissure externally. It must be carefully borne in mind that while each segment generally resembles the rest, there are important differences between them. The purgation usually preceding anesthetization draws off a considerable amount of water from the system, tending to increase the sickness. Hirschboeck of Milwaukee, regional program coordinator of the Wisconsin Regional Medical Program.


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