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The distribution of the disease in the herd following the introduction of a cow, sow, or ewe that has aborted before or after being purchased, takes place through contact of the other animals with the virus that may be present on the floor, or in the manure, or by taking the virus into the digestive tract along with the feed and drinking water. A single incision was made in the right brachial artery underneath The autopsy was made by two coroner's physicians, Drs. Stem herbaceous and cylindrical; leaves opposite, oval, dentate and pubescent; flowers violet, in axillary spikes; calix four-parted; corolla rotate, with fertile stamina; stigma simple; fruit, a lenticular capsule. The statistics collected by many leading men and women of this country show that a large number of girls who attend boarding schools and colleges suffer from amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea, and the same condition is found to even a greater degree among saleswomen and factory girls in the large cities.

If the above precautions are observed the soil can be protected from pollution, and the depredations of flies, which play such an important part in carrying disease germs to the kitchen, very largely prevented." Finally, as Rich well says:"The importance of disposal of night-soil and sewage on the farm cannot be over-estimated with respect to the possibility of danger to well water supplies from soil pollution.


Pancreatic calculus, embolism of the mesenteric vessels and lead-colic should also be considered. We are told that in wcwnen one death in every six is due to puerperal infection. The Liability Lake would not require capital the capital and surplus are created by a bonding issue. Primary stimulation results from a stimulator that induces leukocytes and other cells to elicit secondary (or other) stimulators which have a direct effect on changing body processes. All dosage forms of isosorbide dinitrate may be used prophylactically to decrease frequency and severity of anginal attacks and can be expected to decrease the need for sublingual nitroglycerin. The kaolin treatment is advisable only for"purely diphtheria carriers" by which term is meant persons with diphtheria bacilli in the nose or throat who give no history of sore throat or other symptoms of diphtheria and in whom a Schick test is negative. Poppy syrup, gj.) To take every four hours. Amongst the substances possessing in a greater or smaller de gree the properties we have just enumerated, as belonging to the stimulants in general, several of them seem to act, at the same time, more especially upon one or more organs; iodine, for instance, produces a disturbance in the whole economy, which exercises especially its irritating influence upon the glandular system. It is best only to give the list oi those which have considerately met the desires of the medical profession. We know that the relation between the adrenals and pancreas is very definite and disturbances of their mutual balance result in very decided changes in the metabolism, and the gratifying results reported by Crain are of unusual interest when we recall the experience of Leviton just referred to (see"Pancreatin Under the administration of adrenal gland Grain's patient was progressively benefited. The first milk of the mother is a natural laxative and aids in ridding the intestine of the voung of snch waste material caused by the poisonous effect of the toxic substances absorbed from the intestine on the nervous system. Then, decant the liquor, and soon after, crystals will begin to form. In Indiana there is not a spot where a dollar of public funds is spent for the cure of consumption. Sir Robert Peel defined that opinion as consisting of"a great compound of folly, weakness, prejudice, right feeling, obstinacy and newspaper paragraphs." That definition contained at least some ideas which were, perhaps, characteristic of public opinion today (business).

Finally, certain patients present a true narcolepsia, more like coma than ordinary sleep. At all events, others disagree, and so do we. The proportion of contents in the strong sulphuretted saline The first effects after drinking these waters are some drowsiness, and sometimes head-ache, but which ceases even previously to the bowels being opened.


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