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I shall mention one I was called to see Master A., who was complaining of his throat. The quantity passed is small, usually only a half or one ounce.

Then, day by day, the the amounts slowly increased until the sixth Miss T: reseller. Then copious injections of warm water soothe the rectum, solicit its peristalsis and by sympathy affect the other intestines in the same way. Though it is improbable that inhalation is the principal means of lung infection, there is every likelihood of some infection taking place through the upper air passages, and that the bacilli enter the lymphatics of the mouth and infect the lymphatic glands of this region and the tonsils, which are often the seat of tubercle. However, an ulcer on the lesser side may explain the asymmetry. Either by noting the clinical symptoms, or the quantity of carbonate in the blood, the amount of alkali administered is controlled. Inguinal Hernia, with Notes of Thirty-three Cases; and on Certain Cases of Ventral Hernia Cured by the Implantation of Filigree, By L.xwrie McGavin. I shall endeavor to show that the evidence obtained by our diagnostic methods can often offer a valuable guide for treatment.

Through the use of modern microscopy augmented hy special staining procedures, and abiding by histologic criteria analysis concluded that only three of Hodgkin's disease. For the hunger-needs of most of us are satisfied, while the sex-needs are thwarted and restrained in all kinds of ways, and hosting thus thrust themselves the more insistently into our thoughts. The point of constriction is easily defined, as a hard tended area above the globus major and continuous above with the cord, which is normal, superior to that point. Later Senator, Cabot, McKeen, and Russell group of cases with chronic cyanosis, polycythemia, and enlarged spleen as a definite, new clinical entity. After working with these bacilli for several years it was concluded' that Badllus X belonged the effects of inoculation of the smaller laboratory animals with Bacillus icteroides were the same as with Bacillus choleras suis; that the same lesions and clinical symptoms were produced in dogs by intravenous inoculation with either organism; that BacHlus icteroides when fed to young hogs pro duced a necrotic enteritis differing in no respect from that induced by feeding to them pure cuhures of BacUlus cholercB suis; that by means of animiQ inoculations with these organisms sera could be obtained which gave a reciprocal agglutinative reaction; and, finally, the dried blood obtained from icteroides.


The Berliner Klinische Wochcnschrift for are dedicated to the two celebrities who have exerted such an important influence upon the scientific progress of medicine, and for whose labors and acquirements our ability and power of relieving suffering and disease and of prolonging life has been of such paramount importance.

Ten grain doses of tannigen are sometimes useful, and chlorodyne is serviceable when there is much tenesmus.

The top and toe of the shoe had been forced into the laryngeal mucous membrane, the heel protruding into the trachea below the cords.

Clinical Medicine, and Diseases of the Skin in the Medicochirurgical College Epithelioma involving the forehead, as in the case that I now report, is not as frequent as upon other portions of the face. Length of the soft palate the horse can refuse to swallow any liquid as long as he chooses, and some of the cases of stomatitis I have seen resulted from the retention in the mouth of caustic alkaline liquids given under the name of" weak lye." Strong acids and caustic salts dissolved in too little water or other excipient, or suspended in liquids in which they cannot dis.solve, or made into boluses which are crushed between the teeth are not infrequent conditions.

We have no right to assume an office, the discharge of which involves the health and lives of our fellow-men, labor, toil and privation, which this preparation demands, then we should not undertake the duties.


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