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He also complained of a stinging; girdle pain just above the level of bis umbilicus. Amputation of the cervix in subinvolution was formerly a popular method of treatment. The spleen, first noticed about Christmas last, extended downwards nearly to the iliac crest and 2012 forwards to the middle line. The eyes were equal; the pupils were not dilated but there was present an internal squint of the right eye. If the" barrier of albuminous substance" is formed by the exudation on the surface of the wound, bathing the organisms lying there, and then coagulated into an impenetrable layer by the antiseptic, then it would certainly seem impossible for the antiseptic to destroy the organisms. Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Molecular Medicine refers to the application of the tools of modern molecular biology to the practice of medicine. Yet if the first mentioned were not the paramount reason, the number of journals would be not nearly so large, because the patronage received would A question had been brought up, under the new Medical Practice act, which is said to be giving the officers of the State Board of Health no little perplexity.


The preponderance of intestinal and faecal organisms in this condition is very striking, and suggests that in these patients the low virulence of the organisms may account for the defective In scarlet fever the results so far are not sufficiently decisive. You will And much in the literature on the question of the diagnosis in the first three of these groups, but not on the last two, and, judging from my personal experience, the profession is not fully alive to the importance of the subject. The cytoplasm is finely granular and stains deeply in the early stage, but when the cells are fully developed they are usually filled with coarse fatty granules which arc derived from the disintegrated myeline. They were very intense while they lasted, uk necessitating a darkened room and absolute quiet in bed.

In the early part of the present war some French surgeons made use of the ordinary"cau de Javel," but there were many accidents owing to its caustic action.

In flushing the surfaces it should be done in such a way as not to injure the mucous membrane of the bladder, and the sutures should be introduced to the edge of the vesical mucous membrane without entering it. It was first introduced into Europe by Hendriksz, who used it successfully at the" packing" process, but he divided the case in halves by a string laid underneath the plaster, and pulled up through it just before it became hard, as moulds are made now by those who make plaster images.

The second edition is an improvement over the first and deserves a very favorable reception by the profession. The main object of treatment is to lessen the tendency to inspissation of the bile, by rendering it more alkaline, and to prevent the precipitation of cholesterin, which is excreted by the liver, and which, when it becomes concentrated, What shall we give to produce this result? There is an old maxim in therapeutics, to give ammonium for the lungs, potassium for the kidneys and sodium for the liver. Awaking the patient is also variously performed. As a result of bacterial processes. The author is at pains tliroughout to show that life is after all a matter of mathematics, and that living processes, like tlie processes of inorganic nature, are amenable to mathematical treatment by means of graphical representation, logarithms, coefficients, integi-aition, and the like. How bad a blunder it was is shown by the futile excuses that have been made. The beneficial action of the above may be increased if cold hip-baths are taken daily and no fluids drank before retiring. The peritoneal exudate is copious, thick, and odourless, with a tendency to localisation. It is not to be inferred from what has been said that Mr. Cases than in younger patients; in several cases the character of the work as involving the special use of certain joints seemed to determine the site of the arthropathy. On the next day, there were found two slightly yellowish semi-translucent blisters, one as large as a nut, the other as large as a pea, and, in addition, a crop of minute vesicles, each of the size of a pin's head. There was a thoroughness and directness in his methods which brooked no opposition when he set out to probe a case, but at tho same time it was accompanied by a sympathetic kindness which won him the ready appreciation of all with whom he came in contact. The elastic bonds of union between the vertebrae (chiefly the ligamenta subflava) are the media through which extension of the spine is possible within certain limits.


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