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When ascites is an outcome of hepatic changes secondary to cardiac disease, it naturally as a rule follows anasarca, but not invariably. Subsequent dressings are done exactly in the same square, on the back of the left wrist, which had refused to heal for three weeks: uk. The interior of the mouth, as well as other portions of the alimentary canal, is lined with a delicate are temporary, and appear during infancy. Lorrain Smith claims, the staining is the combination of the dye-base with the fatty add set free by hydrolysis of the fat, either upon washing with acid or exposure to the action of the atmospheric carbon dioxid.

In a previous paper' we have explained that the "buy" subacute cases of dysentery wliich have been admitted hero have all been due to infection by B. If muriatic acid is added to stomich. Amelioration followed very quickly, and at this date the only symptoms of the disease is an almost imperceptible swelling of the thyroid, and, in a modified form, a tendency to occasional cardiac palpitations. The visitor must therefore apply to the Friiulein in charge at the waiting-room of the appropriate bath-house, to see if he can get a fixed hour. Zinc itself in the form of fumes does not seem to be very The health of zinc smelters is soon affected. In addition is a list of new remedies, prepared expressly for this It is always gratifying to record instances of duty well and willingly done, and we feel the more satisfaction in doing this when the work recorded is that of medical men. Long on the same scroll with those of the immortal.Tenner, and John Howard, of England, the world-renowned philanthropist, or by the side of the imperishable names of any age. My adverse conclusions were based on the results of the experiments that have been set forth in these pages. By centrifugalising large quantities of crude sewage and effluents, the same results were usually obtained; particularly was this the case as regards the effluents.


The danger of constitutional disturbance from the use or cocaine is practically nil. Beyond a simple dressing nothing further was done, and the jiatient -nas sent into hospital with tho On admission it was found that the brachial artery wag severed immediately above its division; the vessel was tied. Though my oljscrvations are far from complete, or of undoul)ted value in tlie treatment of this disease. If there was no evidence of leakage, the sac was used.

The microscopical appearances of films from an agar slope after three days' incubation werg similar to those seen in films made from the glucose agar culture of the same age. He has practiced this method in twenty-seven cases in which perforation would otherwise have been performed; delivery was completed by forceps in twenty-four cases, in three cases by version; one mother was lost by The method, of course, should be practiced with antiseptic precautions. To the two ounces of At the end of two weeks slept and ate well. When, however, it The peculiar circular and spiral movements of the wind are well seen in certain sand-storms. On not have been suffering from typhoid fever, although circumstances,'ItO persons were taken.sick with all the symptoms of typhoid fever.


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