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Indeed it was this rapidlj- increasing number of health boards and sanitary measures under the diverse legislation of many States that led directly to conferences among the Health Ofiicers engaged in practical work, for the purpose of securing greater harmony of action. The case could not be moved till the afternoon, it taking that length of time to get the Board of Health machinery to move. Autopsy, no gross changes met; on surface of horizontal section, softening of right occipital lobe: microscopically, tumor structure. It simply means there has escaped the surgeon's knife some tissue which was diseased at the previous operation.

Young parasites are continuously appearing in the blood-stream, especially in such severe infections as in this case. In the cases of generally contracted pelvis, our old text-books tell us never to operate but do a classical Caesarean Section after a should take into consideration whether the membranes are ruptured and the condition of the patient. In making a diagnosis of tumors of the pons, one must be familiar with the anatomy of this region.

Hewitt does not mention a considerable class of cases, in which the determining cause of the vomiting is found in some morbid state of the gastric mucous membrane, often existent before conception.

He went to America to visit the lepers who had emigrated from Nonvay, and only sixteen or seventeen are still alive without any new case having sprung up does not, in his view, show that leprosy is not contagious. The great Virchow attributes loss of consciousness to their failure to carrj- oxj'gen. Of the two departments of the work.

The instructions given in the text-books and the articles we read practically describe it and I have nothing further to offer along that line. On the other hand, when given intravenously it is much more rapidly eliminated, and in a few hours following a given dose the blood would contain only a small amount of quinin. While it probably possesses no curative properties, it will do much in relieving the cough and imparting a warm, pleasant, soothing aftereffect which lasts for five or six hours.

The first operation revealed no pathological condition beyond a cyst in the foot of the second left frontal convolution. I speak of them more particularly to introduce another small series of cases in which I have refused double castration, and it seems to me that those are more important for a moment's consideration than the cases in which castration has been done. Three cases so treated, all in succession, got well, an absolutely unheard of thing there.

I think I cannot do better than enclose you an extract from my article on the choice of adult far better results than the older or many sittings method, it is not unlikely that the single sitting operation maj' prove superior even to lithotomy in children, for if efficiently carried out, lithotrity will no longer be open to the objections therefore, choose for himself between lithotomy and lithotrity if called to operate upon a boy; but if ine.xperienced in lithotrity, he will perhaps do well to decide in favor of the former." We will now consider the operation itself, and first as to instruments. There are time from the same causes. A case of tumor of the lower part of the spinal cord with intense pain in the lower limbs, under my care, is described.


Of all the organs in the human body the lungs are most frequently the seat of these affections. Necrosis of the tarsal bones supervened, necessitating several operations for the removal of dead bone. Foreign bodies have recently been photographed amazon in the oesophagus by the a;-rays with marked success, being thus definitely located. They claimed that the law was unconstitutional, on the unusual" form of punishment, and for more than a month expert testimony has been taken before a referee in regard to the effects of electricity upon the animal economy.

The following solution is used: A few drops of this are added to an equal amount of filtered gastric contents in a porcelain capsule and slowly evaporated to dryness over HCl a red color appears. Capillary bronchitis and a collapse of large tracts of the lungs constitute the worst symptoms of measles in children.

It is rarely, if ever, a primary affection. Although obviously due to invasion of micro organisms such as the staphylococcia, streptococus or acne bacillus, a toxic condition of the blood due to a systemic poisoning from fecal or other morbid absorption is necessary for the growth and development of tin ganisms.


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