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Pinel mentions the case of a person Avho exhibited no other unsoundness of mind than this propensity to murder; so that his wife, notwithstanding his tenderness for her, was nearly being destroyed, he having only time to Avarn her to flee. Albumen is said always to coexist.

The loss thers, when phosphate the paralysis in the face and arm is complete, that of the leg ily partial. The operation is especially recommended for cystocele Hadra states that the normal relation between cervix and the anterior vaginal wall is much more completely restored by this than the ordinary methods of repairing PUKVKXTION OF IlH'REriNATION P,Y DIVISION OF THE TUBE. Personally he was a very reticent man, but, as a number of friends have said of him,"he made every word count;" and those who knew him best justly appreciated the expression of an opinion from him, since it was always.sure to be the fruit of mature consideration and the result of personal clinical experience, usually extending The opinion held of Dr. After said election, subscribe to the by-laws of the Society or otherwise declare in writing their assent to the same, or such election shall be void. In this his master was Goethe, who had written extensively on this subject in treating of the phenomena of vision, and who was able himself to recall to his imagination with great vividness the many shades of colors of objects with the sensory satisfaction of actual vision. With adhesions, tumors, necrosis, etc., partial resection by the method of Maunsell or that of Rydygier, or complete resection is in order.

Indeed, death has resulted under such circumstances from the use of perfectly-identified edible mushrooms.


In general, it may be said that in every case examined after death serous fluid in one or more cavities was found to exist; and the pericardium alone, or in conjunction with fluid into its substance, or by congestion of its vessels, thereby accounting for the phenomena of paralysis. It is difficult to illustrate this in writing, and it is a point that needs to be practically demonstrated in order to be realised. He placed very little confidence in the opinion that cold has anything to do with tuberculosis, though he disputed Laennec's dictum that bronchitis was never the beginning of tuberculosis. In other cases the thickening may aftect the free edge, or the central portion of the valve.

UndiT the grouped tho heri'ditary form and the cases which position, either at middle life or, more commonly It is doubtful whether thr cases in ehihlren wit ments, often with mental weakness and spastic c The hereditary character of the disease is very families described by Huntington, as it has done The symptoms are very characteristic. The rounded contour gives place to a lean and withered aspect, the bony levers stand out in unaccustomed distinctness, so that the limb has the appearance of a skeleton clothed in skin (Roberts).

The fatty cirrhotic liver may produce symptoms similar to those of the atrophic form, but more frequently it is latent and is found accidentally in topers who have died from various diseases: betamethasone.

"When the greater part of one, or both lungs are solidified, and the oppression and breathlessness are in proportion to the extent of disabled lung-tissue, the decubitus is Such are the general symptoms of pneumonia; and, except by their difterent degrees of intensity, it is diflicult, if not impossible, to distinguish the difterent stages of inflammation from each other without the aids of percussion and auscultation. The letter of Philalethes however, in your last number, calls for some reply; and as I mean to be brief in my remarks on it, a small space will, I trust, suffice Since your correspondent has thought proper to fix on a special transaction the application of certain passaofes in my" Address," I have no hesitation in mentions was that which I had in mind that, in the notice which I have taken of it, I have fallen into error, I am yet Your correspondent, after a preamble the document referred to" is not a solemn instrument, or bond, or bequest." I had simply named it a solemn declaration, and, on a careful reperusal, I am unable to find expressions which can designate it more accurately. Digitized by the Internet Archive LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS TO VOLUME LXXXIII. The year previous to the change in this supply, the typhoid mortality had holds for the improvement in the mortality in Chicago; the water-supply there having been very greatly improved. In a certain percentage of cases, however, the removal of the spurs, polyps, etc., has not relieved the headaches. Thus the gluten squeezes out the serum and compels the crassamen' Essays to promote the Experimental Analysis of the Human Blood, by Richard Dr. Certain operators prefer the use of purse-string sutures. Some of Muller's work in this line, his study of enchondromata for instance, Virchow confesses to have been part of the inspiration that led to his own later work. And so the professions which deal with these considerations have been relatively placed: first, that of divinity; next, that of law or government; and, as man loves gold more than life, the last is medicine. SECTION OF OBSTETRICS AND DISEASES OF PATHOLOGY OF ECTOPIC PREGNANCY AND PELVIC He based his argument upon the following premises, cavity, and the conjugation of the male and female elements must take place before or just after the ovum the possible exception of ovarian pregnancy; the tube usually ruptures before the fourteenth week into the folds of the broad ligament or into the peritoneal cavity. It is associated with great prostration of strength, delirium, and, if a fatal issue is imminent, coma; jaundice may occur. The changes are obvious from cicatricial-like loss of substance of the inner coats, small local dilatations of the artery, and in several cases aneurismal expansions, one as large as an orange, which proved fatal. The Noted Lameness, soreness and stiffness, from being tender forward, of track and driving horses, led me to a study of the cause, and for years I have devoted my energies to prepare a safe and reliable remedy to alleviate and cure these defects, and I am proud to present to the horse and his friends a safe, sure and convenient remedy which will relieve and prevent these troubles, thus saving the horse needless pain and suffering, and man great expense and loss.. The onward passage of food into the bowel may be normal or atony may exist; the secretory function may be in a state of exaltation or depression; no relation seems to exist between the motor and secretory functions and rumination.

While the wound is healing, the mouth should be kept as nearly aseptic TONSILS AND PHARYNX, DISEASES OF.


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