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Exact statistics as to the prevalence of trachoma in Italy are not available, but these are, in most instances, incomplete, and in others, owing to inherent disadvantages, entirely indecisive. Knowing that all aches and pains (and it is primarily the object of finding relief from those that the gynecologist is consulted) are the result of sensitiveness, and as sensations are relative and a subjective symptom which cannot be appre ciated objectively by any other person, and knowing that otherwise healthy women are least sensitive comparatively, therefore, a course of general treatment can only conduce to the health of the and all women will be benefited, and some will be restored to health and happiness. One could not pull the head straight down because of the great damage done; the child might be killed and the mother greatly injured. Convection is only of importance when the air is in motion. In view of these findings, such cases could scarcely be put in the class of negative Wassermanns. Miosis and ptosis may reflect involvement of the drops cervical sympathetic chain in the upper posterior mediastinum.

First, I want to say a little about prophetic diagnosis. Nor yet lesser things, for a bath is not beneficial, nor labour, nor coition; but rather abstinence, solitude, long sleeping, light rubbing on the members, and things that comfort them. The right and left cervical and axillary glands were enlarged from the size of a hickory nut to a small egg, and were freely movable under the skin.

When the above method is used,"chloroform anesthesia may be maintained with a nsk to life which is so small as to compare very favorably with, if it does not actually reach, that of ether ana;sthesia" (Hewitt). Yet, in all this mental agitation, in whi(;h I sought, as fearful and wonderful organism, not one thought of drug ing after some remedial process or agent capable of meeting the emergency of my case. Later, price one every three months is sulFicient. Eye - examination revealed tenderness in the region of the left kidney. The cytoplasm takes an irregular basic stain; numerous cells are found containing dust like basic staining material (calcium salts).

The abdomen is then to be rubbed downards so as to make the stone descend; while the index and middle fingers of the left-hand, well-oiled, are introduced into the rectum and the stone felt and brought low in the pirineum, so as to make a protuberance should the patient faint at this stage of the operation, it should not be proceeded with, else the patient will die.

It is well cent, were due to heredity (Sptatling). Four pyriform parasites may be found in a corpuscle instead of two, and this may come about by an invasion of the corpuscle by two pyriform shapes, which proceed to division, or by the division of the uninuclear shape into two, both of which proceed to develop regularly. After a thorough irrigation, the smaller the drain that is inserted into the abdomen the better.

The flea remains infective for a long time, but does not pass the germ on to the next generation. Thej' may persist for considerable periods and be thus, somewhat fixed. Of the inguinal region, said that he had treated a patient in Bellevue Hospital with a tumor of the femoral region of six months' duration, which had increased very much in size during that time The man gave a very unsatisfactory history, but stated definitely that he had had an injury to his heel, followed by swelling in the femoral region. Rhubarb, and ipecac, was administered, which operated three or four times during the day preceding the operation, and with a view to lessen as much as possible the flatulent distension of the bowels, and thereby avoid trouble from them durinir the operation, all solid food was from that time prohibited; drops of McMunn's elixir of opium were given, to quiet the bowels. Now this little experiment with the serum of the little animal called the guinea pig and the blood corpuscles of the rabbit demonstrated a fact of tremendous value to mankind.

The prejudice against all confining apparatus arises also from the fact that they torture the child, make him"air hungry," sallow faced (look at the pinched expression of the children who have casts on), cause atrophy of muscles, produce anemia, delay the ossifving process of the vertebrae, a condition which is already present in early scoliosis and is probably one of the causes of the deformity. Appendicitis and peritonitis have been given unusual space, treatment and diagnosis receiving exhaustive consideration.


Thoughtful direction and support by physicians. Duib do beith meta, oir imurcuidh siad cuis na heccla, do reir Galen, masedh dociter ar son na ndetaighe melingcech na na diaigh, oir in trath tindscnus se biadh do caithim, teithidh na peste roime i nairde. Undoubtedly many errors are made in interpretation.


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