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But one child died after birth (the). Incompatibility of temperament is also a prominent cause, and, in the city, want of light, pure air, the use of poor food, pork, constant drugging, poison, whisky, etc.

In my third case the preexisting oedema will over perhaps find its best relief, indeed, from the operation. We do not remember a single death among those who may be said to have been acclimated, nor do we believe that among such there was a greater degree of sickness than at Macao or Canton.

For a wash, the" Twigg hair-dye," (in which spring water was she had found that on leaving off the remedies a few days, the redness and scales, to a very small extent reappeared.

We do not like to indulge in strong language, but we feel compelled to say that the mass of the profession of this city ought to be ashamed of themselves. It has, however, some disadvantages in certain cases, arising from its inelasticity, which makes its extensive application inconvenient, or inadmissable. Ford cited a case in which good results had followed persistent treatment of the kind suggested by the authors, and Dr. IVfterwards brush the surface of the plaster lightly with a solution of gutta-percha in about thirty parts of bisulphide of carbon. As the portion of the memoir already published relates only to the analysis of various theories as to the effects of phosphorus, we merely refer to it, so that those of our readers interested in this part of the subject may consult it for themselves. Prudens, -entis, adj prudent, sagacious. States that as a result of the presence of tubercle bacilli in carious teeth, and in the ulcers found in putrid and unhygenienic mouths, the individual may become infected. Uk - every answer should form a complete sentence, like this: Estnc pilula parva? little (good and little) girls have the white pills and the red all cases but the nominative and vocative of the singular; others ends in e; all other nouns of this declension have the vocative answering a question the verb or some other emphatic word is repeated with or without non or some other negative: Habetne piicr medicmam? has the boy medicine? habet, yes; non habet, no.

Its head was severely bruised by the projecting sacrum of the mother. He related an interesting case illustrating the point of the disappearance of the renal trouble as soon as pregnancy ceases to progress.

(a) The quantities which follow the names of the ingredients are generally written in the apothecaries' characters, as: Observe that the number of ounces is written in the counter Roman numerals, Roman numerals being always employed in connection expressing quantities is by employing the metric system, as: (b) Observe that the Arabic figures are always used in connection centimetres. It happens, the floor of the external auditory canal is apt to be the very first spot on the surface of the body where an eczematous inflammation develops." is applied." In the eases related it is shown" how different localities or different tissues are involved at different times." At one time" it is the skin of the external auditory canal and auricle; at another time, the dermoid surface of the tympanic membrane is involved, as well as the walls of the canal; at still another, the adjacent bone tissue is affected; and, finally, at a fourth, particularly in that part of it which borders upon the two feneatrse." The treatment applied to these lesions, as set forth minutely in the notes of the cases appended to the paper, consisted largely in local applications to the diseased territories in the ears, with combination in some cases of Carlsbad salts. The soluble salts of the serum are estimated by subtracting the weight of the albumen, water, fibrine and globules, which have been directly determined, from that A glance over the distribution of the components of the blood in the various analyses will enable us to see where their imperfections may be expected to lie, and subsequent tabular arrangement will serve to show how far our suppositions are correct.


How many valuable warning facts would come before us, if practitioners had the moral firmness to publish all their mistakes in treatment and diagnosis, instead of sifting their experience, and recording only their discoveries and their successes! The translator gives an interesting case, in which he considers that, from had been subject since infancy to symptoms of cerebral disorder.

Occasionally we have chemosis of the ocular conjunctiva.

In many of the so-called cases of hysteria, however, symptoms of cerebral exhaustion are a far more prominent feature than the purely hysterical manifestations; so that to classify such cases as bona fide instances of hysteria would be a manifest error. The abdomen is often much distended by flatus, and becomes very resonant on percussion. It is most common to girls of feeble constitution, or irritable, nervous temperament, and usually appears between the ages of six and sixteen.

Had there been infection, a genuine pyelitis, there would have been pain, dependent upon the degree of inflammation. Animal Chemistry is that which seems, by its own intrinsic value, and by the erudition of men of splendid talent, to be making the nearest approach to that boundary line which I would indicate, but cannot explain.

Wool and cotton spinners, millers. The application of stimuli repeatedly produced a temporary sensibility, which, on the cessation of stimulation, was instantly succeeded by a recurrence of lethargy. Prehension is often peculiar, the hand being Muscle sense might well be cream considered in connection with Romberg's symptom did space permit. Such are the circumstances which characterize exactly Having now seen that none of the symptoms observed during life were directly opposed to, and that, viewed en masse, they served to corroborate the diagnosis, let us consider whether the post-mortem appearances are reconcileable with the conclusion that poisoning by opium was the cause of The brain was remarkably exsanguine, and its meninges were only congested posteriorly (this congestion being doubtless the result of cadaveric gravitation).


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