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During the season of the "sale" year when epidemics were known to prevail, non-immune persons were advised to leave the city and reside in the hills surrounding it. At the onset the patient complains of palpitation, breathlessness, dyspnoea, and sometimes of angina pectoris. To many poor wives or widows, who must toil to support their families during the winter, the rest and medical treatment received at the Sea-Side Hospital are the little respites of comfort and pleasure that enable them to maintain their severe struggle for existence.

This is not only true of one region or one color, but of the complex of frequencies of which it is made up. The treatment of gangrene of the lung is very limited. All that justly can be expected is, as far as possible, to put the system upon the defensive, and placate the innate sense of right by the use of recommended measures.

Thomas has resorted to enucleation, in all of which the recovery of the manner in which he had been injured, merely stating that he was thrown from his wagon while driving, but did not think he had been run over. These district health committees should, in relation to 160 the Borough and County Health Committers, take within certain denned limits the place of Boards of Guardians and District Councils so far as these bodies are at present concerned with the administration of health questions. The cabinet shown in the illustration is one of the most complete cabinets constructed by the manufacturers for the purpose of an incandescent light bath. Most of the other higher pursuits in life brought their members into the range of public notice, and the subjects they agitated mingled with topics of popular interest.

In view of the recent findings on the problem of overseas hospitalization for tactical air forces already in combat, he could not recommend that the existing system be used for the XX Bomber Command, where more than ever before aviation medicine specialists were needed to cope with the problems of high altitude and of stress, and where administrative problems of hospitalization and disposition must be viewed strictly in terms of aeromedicine: forte.

When suppuration occurs (which is very rare), the abscess may be either submucous or peri- oesophageal. Chill, high fever and crisis were observed in all of them but uk the findings on percussion and auscultation differed greatly. Recognition features, operational characteristics, patient capacity, litter facilities, and conversion for evacuation of all aircraft commonly used for the transportation of mg patients were studied. These necroses both Flexner and Reed, as the result of experimental investigations, consider to be due to the the direct action of toxic substances. Throughout this time the heart was persistently excited, and the idea of pericarditis was repeatedly suggested, but no definite friction rub could be in detected. THE SCHOOL OF ITIEDICAL TECHriOLOGY ietty Ann Wall, Emma Elizabeth Brouer, Freida Kisar, Carolyn Reid, Louise Ramsey.


As regards prognosis, how can we affirm that the coronary arteries are or are not affected during life? I tliink, therefore, practically speaking, that every patient who suffers from angina pectoris may die of it. Loss of strength, anorexia, and wasting have been noted in a large number of In short, it is seen that, in its first period, hydatid of the lung shows its presence by symptoms which simulate pulmonary tuberculosis to such not bring up sputum, and the rales are not clearly localized to the apex of the lung, while the search for bacilli in the blood couglied up is negative. In many of the large cities, both in for this country and in Europe, steam disinfecting plants have been established. On the inner aspect an ulcerating surface rose half way up on the teeth. Due stress was laid upon the comparatively small membership. On motion the report was received, and the thanks of the Council in editing the last two volumes of the Transactions. One 800 manifestation of this fundamental and irreconciliable difference was in the inevitable personality clashes between the two major protagonists, General Kirk and General Grant. Furthermore (tliis point is very important), complications and (and an injection may be given every twelve hours) the sucldng-in diminished, and only returned at intervals.


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