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His upright conduct kept him the full confidence of the profes.sion.

I observed to him, that his not being able to swallow, was owing either to a paJsy of the parts concerned in must be owing to the former, for he could not at all move the parts concerned in deglutition.

I took some pictures and hunted a little, and otherwise amused myself until the third day. The bottoms of these rivers are covered with rocks and boulders which are worn round and smooth and slick by the constant tumbling in the rushing waters as they roll down the stream. Schlaar, to report to acting director of Hospital Steward E. He has found the salt solution containing whisky more prompt and certain in its results than the plain physiologic salt solution. The bell is about that the better way is for the customer to require him to rub a little mercurial ointment or.soap on every spot that bleeds after shaving. One case had been reported in Philadelphia. Also, before deciding whether an ovary is enlarged or decreased, he thinks it wise to insist upon an examination of the patient under ether. This latter seemed to him a valuable point. The colour of the deposit, it is true, is not absolutely the same in both cases; but when it is recollected, that experiments of this kind are, for the most part, conducted on solutions coloured to a greater or less degree from the matters found in the stomach or intestines, this minuteness of distinction will be deemed scarcely appreciable by the eye even of the most experienced operator.

Thirty-one patients The location and type of tumor and THE CONDITION OF THE AXILLARY NODES IN relation to survivals. Soldineer, Vice-Chairman Erie Arthur J. The subject of his dissertation, was the operation of bronchotomy, and the usual examinations were performed by him with credit and honour; he then gave a presage of the future distinction and celebrity he was destined to attain.

Silicated potash, the oxysulphate of iron, and the nitrate of mercury had no effect on the mucilage. The resistance of the erythrocytes to hemolytic agents, and the amount of cholesterin either in the serum or in the led blood Boston 200 Medical and Surgical Journal. But it makes no difference whether it is a professor of psychiatry or a junior instructor in psychology from a state teachers college; they will say the and security.

She had had the usual diseases of childhood, but has had no serious illness except an attack of appendicitis about five years ago. He had also noticed more albuminuria, the more frequent occurrence of erythemata and a larger proportion of these cases of broncho-pneumonia during the period when the large dosage had prevailed.

Lesion could be positively ruled out.


The three-cell dry mployed for small electric lamps gives satislumination. And the lark went up the sky The love and appreciation of nature are inseparable from the poetic temperament, and in this day, when"back to country life" is in the thoughts of many, this must appeal: A home in the country, blessed and sweet From the hand of God, where the shade and shine Play all day long in the rippling wheat. Proceedings the annular phased array with helical coil applicators for of platinum compounds in human tumors. At the request of the French Commissariat a I'Energie Atomique (French Atomic Energy Commission), an assessment of their program in the life sciences and research and development in the biomedical field has been initiated. However, the blood urea nitrogen was not elevated except on the day of death. The patient made a smooth and uneventful mg recovery. The standard instruct the patient to take one pill each morning prior to breakfast. The diaphragm hung down in a fold and was readily seen.

Much research is still needed to assess the ultimate place of drugs, particularly newer ones, in the treatment of patients. MRCP, FRCP (C), Portland, Maine Executive Director, Frank O. The ulcer had edges which were not sharp and well defined, and which gradually merged into the adjacent tissue. The most common problem encountered with the fitting of contact lenses is corneal staining. There could be no specific treatment unless we could discover a specific antidote.

The proposition was that the scheme should be Hmited to persons whose wagelimit did not exceed two pounds a week.


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