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But the wounded, dead and dying on every side. As a result of these studies in the epidemiology of tuberculosis, Colonel Bu.shnell makes several practical suggestions; first, that we should lay less stress ujion the danger of adult infection and more upon that of the non-immunized young child; second, that we should improve in every possible way the health of the community BOSTOX MEDICAL AND HCltnlCAL JOl R.SAL SO that a fortunate initial infection shall not be impaired and converted into manifest and dangerous disease; third, that tuberculosis workers and associations might well undertake the children by the cutaneous tuberculin test, as has reeentlj' been done with a limited number of childfen in the F-ramingham Demonstration, such tests to be continued for a series of years. Drainage of the artificially closed subhepatic cavity is the principal guarantee of success. In attempting a differential diagnosis between intra- and extrapontine tumours, he states that conjugate deviation of the eyes, resulting from invasion of the sixth nucleus, provided always that the symptom is an initial one, so that pressure may be excluded, makes it certain that the lesion is in the pons itself. The arm is then constricted by an elastic bandage or tube, so that the veins become dilated, without the arteries being compressed. A median incision (reaching from the pubes up to the navel ) having been made, a quantity of offensive gas and thin, flaky, purulent fluid escaped. Which they were free to attend, but and every one returned on time. The total number of inmates, therefore, does crease in the number of so-called criminal lunatics.

Though at times there was a shortage of some drugs at some places. Ballinger in his book states:"Practically all writers agree that various pathogenic organisms do gain entrance to the deeper tissue of the tonsils, lymphatic glands, the lungs, the heart, and indeed through the whole system through these channels." Considering the effects of tuberculosis diabetici on the tonsil, he states:"It is probable, however, that tuberculosis infection of the cervical lymphatic glands is usually due to the entrance of the bacilli and other microorganisms of the tonsils." states that tonsillar tuberculosis was found in twenty cases out of thirty-four of tuberculosis. For In forty-eight hours improvement was so marked that the above treatment was and syrup hydriodic acid substituted. This advertisement shall not be deemed an offer to any resident of any state where prior registration is required. The objection to the instrument exhibited by Laine is that the openings are too small; they are liable to become clogged up and observed at the Hospital for Sick Children that cases of empyema occur in seasons or cycles during certain periods of the year.


Ward offered the following amendment the words"fiscal year," line two, insert in parenthesis marks"except as hereafter provided one shall read:"The assessment paid by fellows who are admitted to the.society following the November examinations, shall be that fixed for the next succeeding fiscal year, and shall cover the dues both for the ciirrcnt year and These two amendments were approved by Dr. The University of Pennsylvania, at the beginning of the present school year, adopted a curriculum embodying four years of exclusively medical study.

This condition, as subsequent reve lations demonstrated, emphasizes the fact that shock is- of no diagnostic value in differentiating between a penetrating and nonpenetrating wound of the abdomen. Of intestine for mesenteric thrombosis one year previously. Cutanee e Genito Urinarie, Siena, phique et medicale de Bruxelles.

Leake expresses the opinion that'The last of the book seems to have been written some time after the main part of it, when long reflection on the subject had crystallized his opinion'. And overlooked attack of contgious diseases. The policy of the Society has been to have State Medical Societies appoint permanent cancer committees. Old was seen one morning after he had passed a restless and fretful night.

Each felt deeply that he had only begun his study. The uterus and tubes are anatomically continuous, and virtually inseparable by dissection. It has been clinically and experimentally "avanafil" proved that retention of urine due to a stricture or compression of the lumen of any part of the LOURIA: KIDNEY INFECTIONS OF PREGNANCY.


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