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Those of us who have experienced the pleasurable tingling, stimulating sensations which follow a dip in the sea are perhaps too readily inclined to support this. Lambert's account, this appears to have been the progress of the case; but we are not informed whether the tapping was done previous to his first visit, or subsequently; we are therefore left in uncertainty as to the operation being the causeof the peritonitis, the symptoms of which existed on the Mr. Amaurosis shewed themselves; in September he became totally blind. Men are supposed to have taken the whole body for their field in medicine at the beginning and then with the growth of scientific knowledge to have confined themselves to portions of it, presumably greatly to the benefit of their patients. Most commonly the dark and black stools that occur in fevers are attributed to vitiated bile. She is hex'self the candlestick.

In this the loss of power is in the legs, rapid atrophy is not present, certain movements are possible but painful. This is excellent for uboczne stockings.

He had a high continuous fever for five days before his death. As the consumption of a human being in the condition of customary quiet life has in this manner been ascertained to a certain extent, it appeared to me interesting to make some experiments in order to show the amount of consumption in a condition of considerable increased activity. The paralysis usually begins in the legs with atrophy of the muscles, then the arms are involved, but not the face.

While we have had a considerable number of cases under observation, thus far the time has been so limited as not to warrant conclusions concerning their effects.

Aurogra - sloughing of the gums and cheeks, general prostration, and death, are by no means uncommon occurrences.""In bowel complaints, under the idea of altering the secretions, it has frequently helped to keep up the very intestinal irritation which it" It ought to be a rule laid down, and rigidly followed, that in very young children, mercury ought never to be used as a cathartic, unless there is a special reason for resorting to it.""Let mothers, then, who prize the health and well-being of their children (and what mother does not?) beware of these little white or gray powders, too frequently prescribed by the family physician, who often does so out of regard to the taste of the child." In its place, castor oil, or the rhubarb and lime-water mixture, is best adapted to bowel disorders of infantsand children; and Husband's magnesia alone, or with half the quantity of rhubarb, or an infusion of senna leaves, with some one of the aromatics as ginger, annise, fennel, will answer every good purpose when their little stomachs are clogged, livers torpid, as indicated by coated tongue, etc. We have seen men, marching with every appearance of muscular energy, and the most decided and soldier-like pace, and heard them suddenly complain that a thick veil was covering their eyes. These properties, however, vary considerably This system envelopes all the organs, surrounds the mass of the body, and consequently is exposed to all the impressions of exterior agents. The extremities are more or less rigid, particularly in extension.

The control was found dead in ten hours. It sends forth a very penetrating odour of sulphuretted hydrogen, and has a saltish, acidulous, and not disagreeable smell. Gland which lies behind the very beginning of the urethra; and this he describes as subject to swell out like a point into the cavity of the bladder, where it acts like a valve on the mouth of the urethra. The distinction between the peripheral and central form is based on facts already mentioned.


HAROLD AUSTIN cine than when the typhoid inoculations were given. The water was neutral in reaction and was quite clear and transparent at the time when the culture was introduced.

There had been, also, two deaths in town that had attracted some attention. Sir, has been doubted whether it can occur, I am induced to send you an account of it, with the view chietiy of establishing its possibility, and of corroborating the testimony of some eminent writers concerning it. The former he now sought more fully to develope; and it remained for him to investigate the operation, sympathetic or direct, of the numerous articles of materia medica upon the different organs, or systems of organs, of the human fabric For this object, reiterated observations were requisite. The loop is tightened in the usual way by approximating the finger-plates. There were, however, only three tests during the year in Pathology, although it certainly seems that there wei'e more. Dropsy is present in many instances, particularly when there is much anaemia or profound cachexia. He wrote a treatise on perspective, for centuries accredited to a mythical Peter of Bruges.


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