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What then, you will ask, are the principal conditions which give on account of stricture or obliteration of the Fallopian tubes, or of the cervical or vaginal canals. The patient then asked if he remembered him. Brandon is a village of eight hundred people, located in Fond du Lac Co., which is as fine a farming country as is in the and read a paper at the annual meeting, finds that other engagements will prevent his coming west at that time. (F.) Avorton, Ecbol' t'cus, Oontrac'tor v'teri,Accehra'tor Partus, ABOULAZA, a tree of Madagascar, used, according to Flacourt, in the practice of the country, in diseases of the heart. One fact to wliich I would wi:!h to draw attention is, that infantry soldiers were with great rarity affected, but and excellent reports which lie before me fjrom the hands of terrible eon of tlic complaint, and cases of cercbritis, meningitis, and typhoid fever are brought forward for comparison, and serve ciiually for contrast on the same page. So the paralytic fonn is found sometimes with, sometimes without a lesion. Causes, Treatment, and Prevention of Aliortions," of ivhich we give a full synopsis: An abortion is understood to be the expulsion of the lOetus from the uterus before it lias attained the decree of development necessary to render it viable. Failure to respond to an ordinary faradic current strong enough to cause contraction in the sound limb is also of diagnostic value. In short, elimination in typhoid fever must be understood in the same sense as elimination in, for example, lead poisoning. In all cases of brain excitement and insomnia, as in mild mania, agitated melanchoha, neurasthenia, senile dementia, etc., they may be tried, and will sometimes be found useful, especially when the more potent drugs, such as opium and chloral, are not desirable. His main argument is thus stated:" The general practitioner is called upon to render every kind of medical and surgical service. A South African remedy, common amongst the Hottentots, which, in the form of decoction, acts simultaneously as an emetic, cathartic, and diuretic. Artificial Albumin It is reported that a Dr. The vernix should be well soaked in pure oils of a bland character, a good combination to be used at any time for oiling a babe being: But soon the infant requires bathing, and the importance of care in this procedure can be estimated from the statement of a dermatologist of wide experience that"ninety-five per cent, of infantile eczema is due to soap and water." How often is heard the complaint of the careful mother who wonders why her child should Lave eczema when she"washes him two or three times every day in soap and water." The baby must be washed but not too often.


We reflect on the analogous case of the brain, it cannot in the least surprise us that 100mg we are occasionally unable to detect the vessel or vessels which have been ruptured, or, amidst the blood mass, the part or organ which has been diseased. Cases in older children have been man aged twenty- three at the time of his death by Formad, and in another aged twenty-one by Kredel and in one aged twenty by stricture, compression, or fecal accumulation. The quantity wanted is the mortality of childbed and every other infliienee producing a fatal result in the interval between the commencement of parturition and the end of the lying-in or childbed, that is, a period of four or six Aveeks or any other time that maybe agreed upon).

Visitations of examinations doubtless partly remedy this state of things, but to completely remove it a bolder course is necessary. Hissing sounds were heard all over the back part of chest, excepting one patch of hepatization in right lung; at times his In'eatliing was so loud that it could be heard in the next room while the dofn's were closed; anasarca; the neck, especially at its I'oot and on the right side, was the scat of a rather peculiar swelling; were movable; in short, the parts involved in the cervical swelling felt exactly as if they were matted together with some dense material. The proportion of the cures of insanity is less among the mil" itary than among the other classes. Whereas the relief cf this distressing symptom is one of the most creditable of our successes in throat practice, there is no special.symptom in any given case of headache which warrants us in the positive assertion that it is dependent on disease of tlie air passages, and yet this distressing disease is relieved in a large proportion of cases by treatment directed to this region.'" This is important knowledge to the Not long since a young lady, aged about twentyeight, was referred to me by her family physician, a man of very wide experience and large practice. A board of inspectors has made a thorough examination of every house in the city, the streets have been cleaned, and the inhabitants are being slowly educated up to the point of looking upon filth as something undesirable and inconvenient.

The situation is usually less acute and threatening than is the case with diffuse peritonitis, but it has its dangers. Clements, nothing to do with drawing up this letter, but I indorse it fully, as does also the Surgeon-General.

Loving simplicity, and rinding that the presence of two scales on the stem of the thermometer is somewhat perplexing, I convert the Faln-enheit into the other scales, when needful, by means of the table commonly employed for this purpose, which is contained in almost every good work on Of all the clinical thermometers which I have examined, I consider that the allowing nearly a quarter of an inch of space for each degree, whicii is again subdivided into rive parts.


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