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Could there be secured to us in the large cities better facilities for more exact and thorough observations, without regard to the pressing claims of private practice, much more would be achieved in American XLVI. In.the colder months raise or lower ( or mexico both, as I generally prefer) the window from one to twelve inches, or less than one inch in zero weather.

Xo capillary haemorrhages were discovered. In time on the diagnosis and treatment of syphilis ceased to be empiric and became Ehrlich sought to sterilize the body with what he termed therapia sterilicans magna a single dose the infecting organisms could be destroyed and all the tissues of the body rendered free from the infection. Twenty- four cases of seborrhea werc studied, of which ten were normal, four on the border line, and ten showed a marked hvperglycemia.

The organisms isolated in this country also coincide in all particulars with those of the observers mentioned.

The gastric chemism varied from hyperacidity to normal and sub or anacidity.


The method is also of great value in cases in which phthisis supervenes upon chronic bronchitis and emphysema, when the physical signs are apt to be At an advanced stage, when cavities were obviously present, Dr Fenwick never failed to find elastic fibres in the expectoration, even though the disease appeared to be quiescent, both from the general improvement in the patient's condition, and from his coughing only in the morning and spitting up only a little semitransparent mucus. THE TREATMENT OF SUPPURATION IN THE The treatment of pelvic suppuration in women is a subject which has been so much discussed during the past twenty years that one might well hesitate to bring it before you. By means of these nerves the heart is in close continuous telegraphic communication with all parts of the animal body. The late Doctor Hoiia, of ijeriin, taught that we should not depend upon the electrical reaction. The advantages alleged for this treatment are: i. In seventy of these atrophied, while in only seventeen cases was it dilated.

These costs have not been carefully determined, but their immensity is obvious to anyone familiar with the economic phases of caring for tuberculous families who. But now at last has justice come to him, And yonder within the sacred Hall of Fame, Walhalla of our great and noble men. And an internal headed by a physician committee oversees the credentialing and review process, even re-reviewing cases to verify the quality of review process results in the discontinuation of a reviewer whose work is Second, a national movement has begun within that will greatly reduce the amount of individual record review being done and replace it with quality improvement projects. Unfortunately, many workmen are careless and do not wear the glasses for preventive purposes, and consequently ocular injuries of a serious nature, and even perforating injuries, are still common occurrences in these learned by grom experience the prophylactic value of glasses or goggles and are worn by practically everyone who travels in automobiles. This toll-free number will help keep physicians informed on the latest developments. For epilepsy, as well as for this last disease, we must assume some underlying structural defect of the brain.

The cocci have burrowed deeper into the cervical glands or passed higher into the cavity of the uterus, setting up a specific endometritis; or have passed through the uterine walls, invar'ing the periuterine tissue, with abscess formation, infiltration, and agglutination; or have passed out through the Fallopian tubes, destroying the ciliary cells of these structures, or caused sacculation and abscess formation in the tubes, eft'ectually destroying their lumen; or have attacked the ovaries with consequent cystoma, abscess, prolapse, and fixation with the partial or complete destruction of function. The presence of leucocytosis in typhoid fever points at once to some complication, often a perforation, and in the asthenic cases, in which symptoms are slight, due to the intense toxemia, this may be the only means of diagnosing such a condition, and, ipso facto, operating, and very possibly saving the patient's life. Then it goes downwards continually, till at the dusk of the evening it dies away like a musical tone. Where this degeneration was extreme the nuclei also showed changes.

Hertz himself met with a similar case in a young shopman, whose lungs became emphysematous in about a year, without any cough or bronchial catarrh, as the result of his having to carry heavy goods up a high staircase in haste a great many times every day. Small, granular flakes, which float in the urine, usually arise from the anterior urethra and are composed of superficial epithelial cells and leucocytes. The lymphocytoma is a distinct tumor type, but as there is considerable doubt regarding the relation of the tumor cell to the myeloblast, it cannot be unquestionably classified as a true myeloma.


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