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Attention has repeatedly been called to the fact that in European countries illiteracy, in a very general way, is inversely proportional to the average brain weight of the nations. Four periods which have been thoroughly studied by Magnan and Serieux (Le delire chronique: collection Leaute, into the systematized sort. What ails me? Have I got failing sight, brain fag, weakening of the artistic faculty, or atrophy of the optic nerve?" And here, by the way, it would be well Instead of showing the expansion so frequently observed in the be' ginning of general paralysis, Maupassant became a prey to an incurable sadness. Pharmacologists assume liiat these results are obtained by a chemical blocking of the nerves that mediate sensations of pain, said blocking taking place presumably in the region of the thalamus. A collargol irrigation of the bowel is given if the stools are very fetid, and the child is purged with calomel or castor oil. In addition to that prime requisite, the test should be conducted in an economical manner and yield its results as quickly as possible. Such positions should not be continued for any length of time and must be frequently changed, as contractures and malpositions will become fixed. When the drainage had practically stopped, the filtrate was transferred to a beaker and to remove ammonia and reduce the volume to a few cubic centimeters. In one of the patches on the chin there was a brown pigmentary spot. It is also described by morbid process consists in a swelling up of the muscular fibres, the development in their interior of granules which are not of a fatty nature, disappearance of the nuclei, and, finally, breaking up of the fibres. Tested with a needle, the skin of the left hand was hypersensitive. The proper name for a difeafe that has hitherto entirely efcaped the notice of obfervators; but a very diftinguifhed member of the Royal Collegeof Phyficians, Dublin, in the courfe of his extenfive practice, has met with four inftances, and has favoured the author with a hiftory which will be more particularly laid down in the pradical part-, at prefent, it is fufficient to fay that great numbers of veiicles or blifters, of different lizes, filled either with clear ferum or coloured ichor, break out all over the body, and either dry oiF or form little painful ulcers, and when one crop is healed up, or dries away, another, and another fucceeds, for the fpace of one or two years, and even longer. A few years ago, when the pellagra problem rather dramatically thrust itself, in very concrete form, upon the medical profession, the American student approached its study in perhaps characteristic fashion. Besides, the money thus saved could be appropriated elsewhere for the public welfare.

Above all stands a skeleton holding a banner which bears this inscription: Mors ultima linea rerum. This progress was largely in the way of reconsideration and revision. The first two MODERN TKEATMENT AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. It is aimed to give publicity to the latest ideas in matters relating to health, and a series of lectures will be given, pointing out the health resources of the community and the use and abuse of institutions. The patient is asked to approximate the points of person without binocular perception of depth will not be able to accomplish A new method of examining entoptically the retinal circulation and fovea has been devised by Fortin. Not infrequently, in animals possessing bicornate uteri, one finds, according to Bischoff, that the corpora lutea are in one ovary, while the embryos are developed in the uterine horn on the opposite side. Scientists of England, France and Germany have spent years in the areas where these diseases occurred, and the many institutes for tropical diseases, so-called, in these countries and endowed with hospital facilities, have given splendid opportunities to study the various diseases under the most favorable conditions in cases introduced from the motherlands of those diseases.

It is in essence a freak of evolution, one of the many so often observed on a rigorous scrutiny at birth, and which under favorable environments like the others, in the majority of cases, will correct itself and disappear with the growth and maturity of the body." It has been plainly demonstrated that congenital hernia occurs because of the insufficient obliteration of the vaginal process of the peritoneum and in congenital inguinal hernia only the sac is congenital.


These"infected" leeches were months and made to suck normal guinea pigs, but so far no infection has been produced.

The obstetrician was essentially a surgeon, the pediatrist essentially an internist. Heart felt online as if constricted by an iron band, and" hammered loudly at a fearful rate." Symptoms persisted several hours. See that the fitting bottle witli one and a half dram of powdered potassium chlorate; add tiiree drams of pure hydrochloric acid, an(l rai)i(lly and carefully insert the short limb of tlie tube, avoiding the entrance of the eflfervescing.


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