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Sonnenburg has recently made-, at the hospital Moabit, some interesting applications of the method of Koch; in four tuberculous patients he has opened freely some lung cavities, draining them and washing them out, having previously made some injections of Koch's Cicatrization of tuberculous ulcers without characteristic reaction after the injection of the lymph. While the child continues at the breast the diet of the nurse or mother ought to be carefully attended to, in order that the milk may prove nutritious and easy of digestion; or its powers may be assisted by allowing the infant, in addition, small quantities of gelatin, beef tea, or yolk of egg, provided online the absence of febrile excitement will permit. The oviducts are two tubes, one on each side of the womb, and conTey the egg from the ovary into the uterine cavity each month. With ordinary care no fear need be entertained on the ground of accumulation. Tlie nurses so occupied are the physicians' assistants and lieutenants, carrying our the measures ordered. Duced, according to Henoch, by the pressure of the contracted muscles on the intermuscular veins, is ofttimes present. This instrument should be handled with the greatest care and gentleness; m short, it requires as delicate manipulative skill to use the curette with safety Two cases of uterine perforation due to the use of the curette were reported. Weight, one hundred and fifteen pounds. There is, however, no evidence of a pulmonarj' lesion and no tubercle bacilli in the sputum, and, on the contrary, we may obtain the characteristic tremor and other vasomotor disturbance, together with the persistent tachycardia, which may lead us to the true diagnoses. Matthews as editor and Louisville, Ky. Quiet, moderate liquid nourishment, and daily evacuation of the bowels are usually all that is required.

This could probably be accomplisbed in four cases out of five by the exercise of a troublesome amount of prudence, make the effort to escape this frequent cause of early purchase death. In addition to the annoyances attendant upon this disease, which, together with variety of other circumstances requiring our attention, and nothing can, or ought to be considered too trifling to be remedied which is productive of the slightest inconvenience.

Sliould I be able to take a supplementary appointment.

The cliild was of a corpulent habit and sanguine temperament, but his skin was dry, rough, and on his face it was marked by irregular streaks; his eyes were dull, the albuginea slightly tinged with yellow; his tongue was covered with a from the centre forwards it was more white and moist; his breath was fetid; his circulation was not much accelerated; his respiration, however, was slightly hurried, from the presence of a little irritating cough, dependent, I conceived, upon the state of his stomach. Already suggested, and a full dose of ten grains of salicin or of quinine will perhaps aid the good work of this treatment.


When they produce often adds to the sufferings of persons have long suffered from this the patient; aperients, therefore, of the latter affection, prominent growths occa- milder kind, are best suited to this affection, sionally are formed on the margin of the AVhen the case gets into the third state times on the very margin of the bowel, ac- often the source of constant and very great quiring the size of a hazel-nut, or even that inconvenience. He said that the rheumatic tendency favored the deposit of the gonococcus in the system. She made a tedious, but apparently a complete recovery, and left the hospital for her home in a distant part of the State. The expectoration is at first scanty and viscid, but soon becomes more abxmdant, white and frothy, and still later yellowish or muco-purulent. Frequently an ophthalmoscopic manifestation is edema of the retina and retinal hemorrhages consequent upon this condition which has recently been called attention to by Marcus Gunn, and which is of great prognostic value according to Dr. When a hypersecretion existed it indicated a new growth or some pelvic inflammation outside of the uterus Itself, and was a symptom and not the disease. They are besl treated by a hypodermic injection of morphine and atropine at once, to be followed by other treatment as indicated THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Its frequency increasing with the coming on of old age.

Then his mother noticed that the skin of the right leg began to assume a peculiar dry, shrivelled appearance, the process extending until the thigh from the anterior superior spine of the ilium over the sartorius muscle and the leg on both sides as far down as the malleoli presented the typical characteristics of scleroderma.

A temporary hemiplegia followed the operation but passed off.


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