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It is easy of access by various lines of railways from all directions; it is central for a very large proportion of the population of tiie Union; it contains almost unrivaled collections both of books and specimens of general, scientific, and strictly professional interest; it has grown to be a very beautiful city, with environs many of which are charming and replete with historical associations; and in it all American citizens are at home. We need only endorse the judgement of those distinguished readers, and commend the book to those who have to do with elucidating the nature of This is one of the amazingly good English books which the Macmillan Company of Canada is publishing in this country, and will even send to any practitioner free of charge on approval for fifteen days. Taking notice of this circumstance to some of his friends, I was told that he had not slept during his illness.

Peridental membrane; c, alveolar Three cases of chronic empyema-tuberculosis patients, each of whom had had rib resections, entered the Los Angeles County Hospital within a few months. I believe that this belief in democracy laws of this State changed. As better and more modern sanitary features are added, correspondingly better personal supervision should be exercised over the maintenance and operation of these All of this in turn brings us up to the problem of better administration.

INIixtures of dermatol and glycerin were employed locally with good results in the treatment of uterine catarrh. It seemed that the advocates of this operative treatment were looking for better results than the patient himself desired; and, although the patient was satisfied with the result. The dura was exposed over the antrum and tegmen tympani and appeared normal. Aorta dilated but no atheroma. The Chair replied that the motion was not in order because the Society was not competent to change a Bylaw.

In order to represent the progress of the without much pain, or lie on either side. Remembering that the materials for oxidation were the carbohydrates, it was easy to imagine a condition in which, the heat-producing centers being impaired, there was deficient oxidation, with a throwing back upon the blood of these unused materials. The fiver or other organ should be hnely parts of water. Auguste Richard, president of the Fashion Craft interested in the prevention of tuberculosis and has worked unremittingly in this direction. The lying-in room, in which are four beds, is also in the wing, on the second floor. His brutalities and barbarities are without parallel in human history. In these injuries immediate closure of the bladder wound is of primary importance, even where its walls are but slightly injured, it is safe to fortify the weakened spot, by Operators are not agreed as to the advisability of using a permanent catheter after bladder suture, nor if the catheter is used, how long it should be retained in the bladder. In the case of hand presentation the child was turned. Tin; functional disturbances of the nervous system must be separated into diseases classed according to cause, not on the present basis of calling a collection of symptoms a disease. This shallow cavity is deepened, as you know, by the glenoid ligament, which is a band of tibro-cartilage continuous above with the long heail of the biceps and passing around the joint.


It is also valuable in children. He insists that the fluid does not act as a stimulant which calls into action pre-existing forces, to be followed by depression, but that it increases the transformation of energy to which are due the various powers of the spinal He finds that the active principle, urechitin, is a poison of a very active kind, which maybe included under the digitalis group. As to the tenderness of the mastoid, in the three points mentioned the tip, in my experience, is almost as frequent as any of the spots; and this can be demonstrated very early by the simple little method of turning the head directly to the side opposite to the ear involved, thus pressing upon the periosteum. These results were so marked that it seemed to the author as if some violence or mechanical cause was required to produce them, and directed his attention to the theory promulgated by Dr.

Antabuse - hamilton McKay of Charlotte, Dr.

It does not cause much vomiting if nothing is taken into the stomach for five or six hours before its inhalation. The appeal states that the need for nurses is growing daily and to meet it it will be necessary for the Surgeon General's Office to have on file the names of thousands of nurses who in the army hospitals at home and abroad in case the war continues, therefore the applications of all graduate nurses who are professionally, physically, and morally qualified will be given consideration.


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