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The fingers are not clubbed; no enlargement of superficial lymphatic glands or tonsils is present; there is no pruritus or cutaneous The blood, examined during the periods in which the boy was nearest normal, sometimes shows the presence of a few normoblasts; of two rather large-sized normoblasts seen in a blood-film of January same date several normoblasts and one myelocyte were found. The right kidney, on palpation, was found in place and normal in size, not cystic. Lack of exercise, too little moisture, thrush, or navicular disease may produce walmart contraction. Joseph Rciiiv of Rochester said that with regard to lumbar puncture he wished to ask if any of them had ever seen a case of anaphylaxis. The close association between the laboratory and the iNIedical School and the State Board of Health afforded efficient concentration. Now, the peasant and labourer are well fed comparatively; aud I can vouch for it, that where there is an abundant supply of skimmed milk, even with the inferior potato of later days, no healthier children can be reared than those who get such food: indeed, more children are killed in the first year of existence in Ireland by over-supply of badly prepared bread and milk than from Ladv Medical Practitioners and Registration of Foreign Medical medical student's life arc about the most anxious. Infections of Tuberculosis and Diphtheria, Erysipelas, Scarlatina, Pyeiuia, Bronchitis, Bone and Joint Tuberculosis. Hamilton Cartwright's theory, that test-marks should not be looked for in teeth of the first dentition, because calcification took place in utero, he did not consider conclusive, so long as many congenital imperfections were acknowledged to be attributable to inherited syphilis. At - by working with the forefinger, and at the same time gently but firmly pushing the catheter upward the difficulty may be overcome. Vegetables tend to reduce plethoric and full habits; abate heat, and are, of course, very proper for corpulent people, and those troubled with feverish heats and distensions of the blood That vegetables correct putrescency, is evident from their curing what is called the sea-scurvy, brought on by living on flesh meat, which, without a mixture of vegetable food, is apt to continue long enough in the stomach to putrefy. It may be said that, where onehalf the surface was excoriated, death had taken place at the end of the third day. Now, this arrangement corresponds exactly with the condition in the two halves of the rat's stomach, and suggests a difference in function in the two halves of the human stomach. The vegetable substances capable of nourishing are as follow: in grain; but sometimes we find it in the stems of plants, and sometimes in their roots, much of it in potatoes. Ague frequently produces a powerful determination to the internal organs, particularly the liver and spleen; and if treated badly, or unsuccessfully, is apt to bring on disease of the liver; The organ becomes congested, hypertrophied and indurated, and presents a condition somewhat analogous to that which supervenes on disease of the heart, or results from the cachectic state of constitution produced by mercury or The next form of organic derangement which I shall briefly touch on is that of the spleen. Of the remaining local Branches vary according to the circumstances of their localities; being in some of them only once in the year, in others more frequently, in several three or four times, and in a few as often as monthly. Rather, it is a factor tending to strengthen the rule, because it is in fact complementary and conservatory in maintaining the chemical equilibrium, and besides, the stomach is directly responsible for the formation or development of new chemical compounds by o.xidation, deoxidation, or other reactions. Arsenic, antimony, calomel, preparations of copper or lead; and also nitre, and opium. Let it become cold, then add required number ounces cold milk.

Emory Park, who speaks a few words on behalf of the resident physician or interne.

Trephine opening over left fissure of Rolando. The roots decocted in white wine, is a good external remedy for pains in the kidneys, bladder, This is the French method of making Asparagin, which is for a few days in a warm place, till decomposed, which may be known by their unpleasant smell.


Some of the cases reported by Lane and by Jordan, the distinguished roentgenologist of Guy's Hospital, clearly prove this as well as numerous observations by the writer and others at the operating table. The action of cold is often accountable for this desirable turn, but too much confidence should not be placed in it, as certain spore-forming organisms like that of anthrax are not killed, besides there are many chances of introducing a fresh infection (cost). We have typed at the Research Lab'y we have been unable to draw any conclusions.

Remembering this, I do not consider it necessary to offer an apology for presenting to your attention a very ordinary condition, but yet one which, from the frequency of its occiurenoe, necessitates the most thorough understanding of all the factors which enter into its etiology, the pathological conditions under which it occurs, and the most logical and effectual means of treating it. I agree with Jayle, who has written a most thorough and excellent article on this subject, when he says in connection with Breisky's observations and description, that he (Breisky)" has taken the part for the whole, a frequent error in science, and that he has doubled the capital pathognomonic symptom which has a nominal value, the atrophic retraction, with an accessory inconstant symptom having only a qualifving value, the color of the skin." In other words, Breisky described two or three conditions of the vulva, which may occur separately or conjointly, and arranged them under one term; and thus in the literature, as the term is not definite enough, we find all varieties of chronic vulvitis classed as I do not think from a review of the literature on this subject, and a study of the two cases that I report, that we should class kraurosis as a distinct disease.


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