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Hundred pages, containing the report of the recent meeting of the New York State Medical Association, edited by Dr.

Di The need of inspection of the eyes of the children in the the general practitioner, with suggestions regarding tlieir. Her mother, who brought her, bad an old syphilitic ulcer on the leg, at the bottom of which was a necrosed portion of the tibia. To produce any effect at all in these later stages, large amounts of virus must be introduced. There is a remarkable unanimity of opinion in the published reports of the not inconsiderable number of those who have made it the subject of clinical observation. Uovi niedico rniu ceiisoiis, quiuque libroinin do iiiorbis nuper editorum viva anatoiue: in qua uiiilta artis. His beUef was that, as yet, the profession in America was too young and inexperienced for original work of moment. Receiving patients from any agency which may new cases are seen every year. The drug sale is administered as a generally given to adults. February Bulletin of the State Department of Health, Frank Overton, sanitary supervisor of the State Department of Health, gives his experience with the problems of sanitation that arise in the vicinity of the large army and navy stations on Long Island. The author can find no record of any familial cases other than his own. Itsadmi.iislratioM gave evidenre of having been much studied, various marks and notes being found in the margin. The child was apparently normal and fully developed for its period of pregnancy, of about six pounds weight, and uttered a natural cry shortly after delivery, but soon began to choke and froth at the mouth, at the same time becoming black in the face. As a matter of fact, uk until the introduction of the group under discussion, the difficulty has been that the tissues of man have been more susceptible to possible therapeutic agents than the organisms of plant nature from whose presence he might be suffering.


Perhaps this would be favored ijy a change of sr-cno, ii removal to mori' snlulirious and MaDj- a man who is now doing little for himself and less for his community might, by a shifting of the scene, take a front rank among his professional brethren, awake to a realization of the usefulness, dignity, and honor of his calling, and from his present apathy and intellectual ennui turn to a state of professional enthusiasm through which he would be enabled to better satisfy his patrons and himself, the latter being by far the more important consummation. We think it should be the first selection for the laboratory library. It is the object of the governmental employment "for" offices throughout the nation to minimize such turnover by referring thoroughly satisfactory employees to all jobopenings in every instance, so that (economic factors excepted) there will be no occasion, ordinarily, for further dismissals or reemployment.

Briefly, we may find that not only the vas deferens, but even the entire cord, would be more safely transmitted at the lower angle of the deep wound than at the upper. If the infection is late in pregnancy, after the seventh month, the child usually escapes.

It is to be inserted between the socket and the globe of any electrical fixture.

Family predisposition is much more commonly met with among women than among men, the proportion being fiftyseven per cent, of women to forty -three per cent, of men. Memory and intellectual improvement; applied In VI.


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