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Plastigut is microphotographic studies and is offered to the surgical profession as an approach to the ideal suture. His wife gave him one of the powders of acetanilid and caffeine citrate to relieve the pain in his head, and a dose of the quinine to stimulate him. Here and there throughout the world, however, are those who work wonders with various remedies, as is likely to happen in the treatment of all diseases where nothing does good. Favill quotes Xeustaedter as.summarizing the pathology in l.H'ine examinations during attacks have shown increased acidity, increased indican, slightly positive albuminuria, and increased sulphate Attacks may be frequent, or may occur once or twice in a long life. This anticipates nature's means of closing off the abscess cavity by adhesive inflammation. Scurvy, its history in the past, its occurrence at and fruits. A mydriatic should not be used for acute conjunctivitis. Because these methods require medical supervision, low-income patients dependent on From the Center for Population Planning, School of Public Health, University of Michigan, Ann hospitals with clinics for their medical care must and clinics providing care for such patients have provided little or no contraceptive set-vices. The more the couple can discover by themselves, support, the more maturity and self-confidence they After the history-taking of the first sessions, the patterns of interaction through which the partners hurt each other are fairly clear, and hopefully, the way in which this relates to their previous life experiences also becomes apparent. Blaugrund was active in Medical Society affairs, serving on the old Welfare Committee and chairing the Committee on Child Health. The treatment of these cases is eminently unsatisfactory, and"Ignotus" would do well to transfer the responsibility to any surgeon of note whose reputation can easily bear it. AH Northwestern medical graduates are urged to attend as an interesting and enjoyable two days are The Alumni of Northwestern University Medical.School are holding a luncheon in the Early American Room of the Hotel Pere Marquette, Peoria, Illinois, A joint luncheon meeting of the Section on Pediatrics of the Illinois State Medical Society and American in Pediatrics are invited to attend and should notify GRADUATES OF THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS The Alumni Association of the College of Medicine, University of Illinois, most cordially invites all graduates of the College of Medicine and the members of its faculty, to attend the Annual Alumni Luncheon, which will l)e held at Peoria during the meeting of the Illinois State Medical Society, on Wednesday, The (Mmmittee in charge of local arrangements. Tumours of the intestine and of the pylorus should be kept in mind when examining a case of suspected gall-bladder tumour, but the associated symptoms will usually enable one to make the diagnosis. Housing will be provided at modest rental. It is medically un examination of large numbers of healthy children is a disservice which rarely detects defects not previously known by parents, the physician, or be inspected for any unresolved defects or problems.

If perforation exists, the abdomen is more quickly distended and the smell of the vapor recognized coming from the injured intestine; otherwise the intestine gradually distends, and the vapor reaches the stomach, from which it is eructed and recognized by the smell. In chronic inversion he always found the uterus small and completely involuted. To make the remarks intelligible to one not knowing the facts of the use of the plates, so part was omitted, Now, later, as the person advances in life, if the teeth are lost and there is no further use for these processes, there is a process of atrophy and the alveolar process wastes away; and thus the mental foramen lies near the top of the jaw in the aged (amitriptyline). When this possibility arises, the physician should call his insurance company and inform them of the situation. The deceased, who was suffering from typhoid fever, in the temporary absence of his wife got out of bed and drank the contents of a bottle of carbolic acid kept under the bed for the purpose of disinfecting the room.


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