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Some may be surprised to find that the danger connected therewith is due to the purity of such waters.

It is also soluble in ether, alkaline solutions, and sulphuric acid.

The attack is almost always announced by disorder of digestion. When several examinations of the same patient were carried out, the one used for calculation of average in the group is printed with fat type. Matthews' statement about its extreme chronicity is quite correct. Depuis deux ans, le patient se plaint de faiblesse et de raideur dans la main droite et, depuis annee apparut en outre la faiblesse des extremites inferieures; anterieurement elle ne se manifestait qu'apres des promenades un peu longues.

The best method of obtaining this liquid is described minutely in the chemical work of M. In the fall he will return to Johns Hopkins Hospital and resume his work of Hamilton, are the latest additions to the staff of the Canadian thrown against the stone curb.

Dentists occupying high rank in their profession have found time to take up the pen, and we may point with pride to such men as Harris, Taft, Richardson, Bell, Magitot, Flagg, Koecker, Spooner, Hayden, and others equally gifted as authors and operators. Any headache caused by one-sided turbinal pressure is usually unilateral.

I believe this is true of cancer in any region. On physical examination I find heart-sounds rather weak; apex-beat somewhat difficult to localize by palpation; am able to do so by auscultation, and find it beats below left nipple in sixth interspace; no murmurs; that he had seen Mr.


Most a doubling of its membership and of its revenues until at the present time the American Medical Association, especially in the matter of education, is unsurpassed by any other similar institution in the world, and it bids fair in the future to stand unrivaled. Further, its function It is not known in what manner the influence of the corpus luteum is effected, but it does not appear unreasonable to suppose that this gland secretes substances which pass into the blood of the foetus for the growth of which their presence is a necessary condiiion. The emulgent vein is anterior, and the renal artery between them. When such irregularity develops in actual practice from therapeutic use of the drug, the second stage is being induced, the dose should be at once reduced, for the efficiency of the heart is less than it would be without the drug. The musk is contained in an oval hairy projecting sack, found only in the male, situated between the umbilicus and the prepuce. This I prefer to do in the rectum, as we obtain it here quicker and more exactly than in any other part, unless under the tongue, and here it is practically impossible for it to be done in very young children. It is a simple, harmless procedure, and in most cases can be undertaken without general anesthesia, or with the aid of a local freezing mixture. In wbicb they have not previously passed" with credit," and success in such subjects will be recorded on to candKiateswho have not passed with credit in any of the BubipoDS is termed an" ordinary pass." In it the names of the EKOjects actuallv passed are not detailed but only the"groups the" groups" referred to are of a very wide nature, and as the Council, like the universities, has always required that certain retin Bubjects should be included, and has allowed only a limited selection in the case of others in its entrance examination, it is certain that it cannot under its present regulations and cou d not, without a profound change in the methods hitherto understood after a description of the scope of the first esaminatiou has been given; but it may be mentioned here thai mere is no likelihood that the regulations of the Education Board in respect of the two principles involved, the breadtli of the examination, and the nature of the certificate, will be The Scope of the" First Schools' Examination." The particulars given below are abstracted from the Regulations of the Joint Matriculation Board of the Universities of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, and all over the country are coordinated, they may be taken as applicable to all, allowance being made for minor differences in the group contents. Article on this subject by Coutts, Physician to the East London Hospital for Children. The thoracic variety of this disease presents the form of an acute bronchitis, though the accompanying cough is of a drier character than obtains in simple bronchitis. Chanteaud for the courage with which he devoted himself to the reform of Dr. ' Such granulations are distinguished from those of primary papillomatous lupus by the softness, the fungous aspect and the tendency to bleed of the The surface of the ulceration furnishes an ill-looking fluid and a thin sanious, sometimes sanguinolent pus. I believe she got more morphin than she ought to have had. But the placenta is still there, and this he also forcibly delivers. ,, integuments, urethra, and glans penis. It produces watery evacuations without much pain.


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