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The sow then seemed to be entirely undisturbed by labor pains for about ten hours, and then began to labor feebly and without any result. No caps, cold bathing of the head and hair, or corn-husk beds and simple food, might prevent the disease. He died while Benjamin was yet young. We are grateful for this financial support and for assistance from the South Dakota Housing Authority, Bergeland Senior Center, Sioux Valley Hospital Pharmacy, and Department of Social Services and their respective representatives: Regina Ward, Rachael Sherard, Gary Karel, Jaci Casanova-Keller, Kathi Skoglund, and Gail Ferris. In a peculiarly obstinate cutaneous disorder it was found of singular efficacy, and in dropsy, when a disease of debility, an alkoholic tincture of the pulverized leaves and flowers was very liberally had recourse to, and with singular success. When it was weaker, and applied only for a few minutes, the leaflets in some plants closed as when irritated, and did not expand as:ain for an unusual length of time. At other- times this fever, from animper feet crisis, degenerates into a slow periodic fever, of long continuance. Is it anything more than an activity, a process, and what kind of an activity is it; is it denned when it is called awareness, or the"immediate antecedent and condition of behavior;" can it be defined at all, or is it justified even to the theory of what he called the unconscious.

The editor of this volume has so thoroughly reviewed the literature on poliomyelitis that we can pardon him for giving his own title as Professor at the Ohicago PoHclinic. Buchanan brings out a fact that every doctor should know, that some people are so sensitive that they can taste metals and various things held in I have found persons who could readily tell what was in a paper folded up and tightly grasped in the hand, such as salt, I think this explains the success of Homeopathy on the first class, and its failure on the other. The easiest way to detect the presence of the potash is by lighting a piece of the dry stalk with a match, the characteristic deflagration of the potash occurring.

The mallein-test has been employed as a diagnostic agent in suspicious cases with satisfactory results. Contact: Sandy Kilbourn, Director of Continuing Medical Education, Techniques: alprostadil. (Signed) William Arthur Case, M.A. We may therefore reasonably hope that the invaluable die extracted from the insect which gives this plant its name, and which always accompanies it, will speedily be numbered among our staple productions.;):" The juice of the common pokeberry (Phytolacca Decandra) has lately been added to the list of permanent vegetable dies. Hoskins, in the absence He gave one of the most forceful papers, written upon independent, free lines of thought and experience, regardless of text-books and like authority, that it has been the favor of the Association to hear for some time. They left after giving their condolences to headed home to her own family. Accordingly, I am inclined to prefer the use of ether, to assist the reduction of dislocationsand strangulated herniffi. A map has been prepared, indicating various trunk routes of travel through the U. II the publication is published by a nonprofit organization, its name and aodress must be stated.) (Do Not Leave Blank.) ot Total Amount ol Bonos, Mortgages, or Other (II changed, publisher must submit explanation ol change with this statement) SOUTH DAKOTA JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Extent and Nature of Circulation Published Nearest to Filing Date a. Leaves of rhododendron Tinctura Ricini. In some places, man shares his home with his domestic animals. Cooper that its application might be successful in destroying small scirrhous masses, where from various circumstances the surgeon does not feel justified in using the knife; this was put to the test in a case of open scirrhous breast in Dorcas ward; in this case there was a large, deep, irregularly price excavated sore, with hardened base, and often excessively tender. Public Health Service, working in collaboration with local health agencies, extended its household survey operation to the Island of Oahu in public health work; moreover, during the course of the project, local statisticians gained invaluable experience in the use of well-tested health survey collaborates with the Hawaii Medical Association in operating a tumor register.


Annual Address, delivered by appointment, before the Society for the Promotion of Useful Arts, at ike one of the Counsellors of the Society for the Promotiom gislature of this state. Keep your coat off and your shirtsleeves rolled up as much as convention allows. This is an honorable but, nevertheless, a heavy burden, and doubtless accounts, to some degree, for the general complaint of hard times. Without conceding to the author of these views a claim to be regarded as an authority in our art, still the history of medicine affords a curious commentary on these ideas.


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