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You felt yourself in company with a mind gifted and cultured considerably beyond the average range, but joined to a heart which was richer still. Shortening of the fibres that remains after the uterine contents have been expelled. Any form of arhythmia must be considered in its broadest pathological and etiological relations, before its real portent can be understood. I at once made a free incision down to hfa the bone and drew away a quantity of pus.

It is to be hoped, moreover, tor the sake of medical science in English-speaking countries, that this excellent work will soon find a competent translator. After a variable length of time, the discharge ceases, the urine becomes clear, and the patient is dismissed cured. Eight deaths from this cause were and one in Liverpool, but none in any of the other thirtythree large towns. A cure occurring under homoeopathic and if it attract any attention it is readily dismissed as attributable to a system which leaves diseases to the operation of nature. It is believed that these superficial areas of tenderness are due to the impinging in the posterior columns of the cord by nerve fibres from the inflamed area on other fibres from the cutaneous surface, and there ensues a contiguous irritation with receptive reference to the sensory distribution.


Acute degeneration and inflammation of the myocardium. There is a difference in the character of the cough in the two conditions. Auscultation affords the most characteristic sign of the presence of fluid and gas, in the churning, splashing sounds audible over the precordium and synchronous with the heart's action, whether regular or irregular. A When these symptoms occur, give the child steadily for weeks and water, equal parts, or a syrup made of sugar of milk. There is also considerable degeneration of the muscle fibers shown by swelling and destruction of their nuclei. The injection should be repeated on the third day and the dose of the organisms other than streptococcus doubled. One was introduced by Senator Farber at the request of the Board. Again, the type that has two bodies and one cervix, being the most frequent, is termed Uterus bicornis unicoUis, whereas, if there is no connection between the halves of the organ, there being two distinct uteri and two separate vaginre, it is termed Numerous cases of pregnancy have been reported Tiedniann, Ollivicr, Blundell, and many others relate instances of double uterus in which impregnation had occurred, the fetus being retained until full When there is simultaneous pregnancy in each portion of a double uterus, complication of circumstances may arise. Or the usual number of segments may exist, and the sinus behind one of these be divided by a raphe which runs from the back of the cusp to the aorta, indicating fusion of the additional segment or imperfect division from its fellows.

To get any good effects For how long may digitalis be used without danger? There is not much risk of cumulative action with sudden untoward manifestations. It seems indeed that we are greatly in need of a renaissance, wherein the medical student and the practitioner will be taught the philosophy of medicine, enabling them to think along rational and independent lines based on the relatively solid and fundamental principles of anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, materia medica and therapeutics. Fromthis date until March Oth the patient was in a constant state of maniacal excitement, and quite unable to give any information respecting herself. Then using the finger purchase with suitable instrumental aid he removes the hypertrophied masses, which almost always project as nodular obstrutjtions into the urethral canal.

Nearly all the joints of the body are involved. If we conceive coagulative processes to be of vital importance in the process of thrombosis we can imagine a variety of conditions which might favor their intravascular occurrence: the entrance of the thrombokinase into the circulation, the formation of thrombogen in the circulating blood, an increase of the lime salts in the plasma, or various combinations of these three conditions, suggest themselves. It seems a long time since our allopathic friends have deigned to notice us, and we cannot help feeling somewhat aggrieved at their neglect.


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