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The surgeon who bluntly announces to his patient, after revealing the necessity for the knife and having all things ready,"now I am going to operate, the proceeding may kill you, but you would be better off dead than alive as you are, let us hope for the best," must have a strong-nerved, brave subject to not be somewhat depressed by such an announcement, and such a depression before a further depression of vital centers by chloroform or ether, even in the strongest nerved is not good clinical practice. The temperature of the surrounding medium also exercises an important influence on the exhalation of carbonic acid. In the laboratories, and in the hospital wards and morgues, diseases can be studied in culture tube-, in human patients and in guinea pigs. Elastic webbing plays an important role in German apparatus, especially in some walking appliances, where they are so adjusted to assist disabled tendons, thus permitting an active appliance in many cases, without which the retentive would be necessary. Then would come the question of supplies, and the assistants, who perhaps could be transferred from the central hospital. I them that they could enter, but that it would be necessary for him to consult with the board at its next meeting. The second fact which should receive prominence is the drink history in a desperate case. Each substance is found to be adapted to special uses. That which could not be accomplished by purgatives or enemata took place spontaneously, as soon as the mechanical integrity of the bowel was restored. Sorm Cases of Leech in the i mathematic observations on four radio-active waters in their district.


When these structures are found involved in a catarrhal process, we should direct our treatment to the cure of these pathological conditions as well as caring for the ear alone, for, if these conditions be neglected, we may temporarily help the aural conditions, but exacerbations will occur from time to time, owing to the lack of proper treatment in the nose and nasopharynx; especially should we always search for any lymphoid hypertrophies, and if found their removal is imperative at once, as well as the removal of any other obstructive condition which interferes with a normal nasopharyngeal function.

Winn these are generally employed, the number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis overlooked will be fewer than at present.

I ask that the faculty make as good doctors as they are themselves. During the past few years bacteriology has contributed much to our knowledge of the occurrence of typhoid bacilli in the excretions and secretions of typhoid-fever patients, and a due appreciation of these results should give a sound foundation for hygienic procedures for the limitation of this too prevalent disease.

In these cases great benefit arose from rational treatment, such a- diet, exercise, etc., hut he ilid believe that no eases lly ever cured until physicians found by psychogenetic analysis the various underlying factors of the mentality of the patient upon which these conditions were built. When the serum is exposed to heat, the coagulum formed is found to contain an unusual number of cells, and a "formula" great quantity of serosity, in which latter Dr. Consciousness, therefore, becomes less active and sleep takes plaee.

Hall conceives to be excited motions.

It is a substance possessing a remarkable property of forming loose chemical combinations with various gases.

In a case examined by the writer, a girl of fifteen years charged her father with Incest on two occasions. Corneal scar from blow with a marble at ten years of age.

The hairs in the patch are broken or lustreless from the growth of the microorganism.

ORNL also organized units for reactor development and fusion research (advanced). In the issue of the British Medical Journal top hat. J., Secretary of the State Board of State Board of Health of Wisconsin, and Dr. This is a journey of twenty miles, the last ten of which are up a steep mountain road. For a number of years the instruction in this laboratory was mainly in microscopic further provided for by the appointment of Dr. The authors, however, have pursued their studies further.


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