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He admits that" If a recovery is possible all means of recovery should be exhausted.""Who is to decide whether or no recovery be possible in a certain case? I doubt if there is a physician of large experience who cannot point to living patients whose recovery from a certain illness he has declared and believed impossible, but who are to-day active, useful and happy citizens. I have seen him through many human eyes, and I have him pictured in every form from a shining being with wings and a halo, to a replica of his satanic majesty complete with the tail, horns, and hoofs.

These ointment may be classified as Spraying. Such, for instance, are the great questions of development and heredity, and the varied and important reactions between the organism and its environment included under the term ecology, or bionomics. Now she is troubled with spells of faintness, dyspnoea, general weakness and fatigue on exertion, and oedema of the lower extremities. From the close attachment of the tumor on the left side to the colon, it is probable that this cyst discharged itself into that organ, and was while the fact that diuresis and diaphoresis took place at the same time in such quantity, and that the abdominal distension entirely disappeared, would lead to the conclusion that both cysts must have burst simultaneously, the one discharging into the bowel, the other into the peritoneal cavity. In no case had he been able to demonstrate that cocaine interfered with prompt union of the denuded surfaces, although he was inclined to think that it did to some slight extent. The resemblance to the first child was very close in every respect, except that the paresis was more spastic in character. He was now in good health and had gained nineteen pounds in the six months after the oi)eration.

In the left ovary, I found several of the so-called menstruation fibromas, due to fibrous degeneration of the corpus luteum. Also, extension apparatuses for shortened limbs. Has had intercourse with the mother of a child that had died with diphtheria three days previous, but the child was not exposed to the case of diphtheria itself. ARSENIC IN THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC ECZEMA treatment of rebellious cases of eczema l)y giving arsenie iiitenmlly. Indol is formed by the decomposition of tyrosine, a product of trypsin sujjerdigestion, and by the bacterial decomposition of nitrogenous compounds, and it appears in the urine as indican.

By French Ensor Chadwick, aecri.tart or the section in public; health, etc., of the paper read before the American Academy of Medicine at its last meeting. It is lost (juite as much as if the hemorrhage All that has been said, it must be noticed, refers to J blood-iron. In every instance where this was present the woman was pregnant, with one exception; and Fourth, marked, where the congestion has become deep and exhibits the appearance He did not claim that the characteristic discoloration is seen in every case, but if carefully looked for, it would be found quite pronounced in the majority of cases. But we know, experience, and post-morten find, that even a simple catarrhal irritation can cause the formation of gallstones.

A doctor may feel that in honor he ought not tell, may not tell and may take the consequences. Andrews also mentioned that all patients with contracted pelves should go to the hospital at the start as should all with placenta praevia and acc'dental hemorrhage. In only five instances in the three hundred and eighteen cases was it necessary to use atropine to determine the error of refraction, or in one case in sixty-four! Is not this conclusive proof of Roosa's recent statement," that it is only in the very rare and entirely exceptional cases that any mydriatic is needed to suspend the accommodation" To me it is quite sufficient. Information and samples are supplied This is the time of year when you need triacol in your practice nearly every day. From the foregoing considerations it seems clear that abdominal hemorrhage, sepsis, obstruction suddenly occurring in the apparently well, indicate ex))loration as soon as positive symptoms are plain, and that at this early period intervention promises success.

He next briefly describes the methods of physical examination of the stomach's contents.


The opening into the rectus readily admitted three fingers, and electrical stimulation failed been performed, showed a local anesthesia in the area about the anus and in the mucous lining of the gut, which made it highly probable that the nerves had been destroyed as well as the muscle.

For free sample and literature A Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery, Devoted to the Best Interests of the"Whole Profession. Lectures both didactic and clinical are given on all branches taught in the College curriculum. In any particular case until after all the methods to which they are accustomed have failed. Beneficial modification of it tliat it ceased to be a source nights, set in they rapidly and in brief time regained their These results were certainly most remarkable in their excellence and far superior to any that I had ever obtained with any other plan of treatment or that I had seen obtained. Operative delivery should be done, as far as possible, in community hospitals which should be established in every county.


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