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The treatment of this group is most difficult and often very unsatisfactory because of the economic and other factors which cannot be controlled. However, she has a large fibroid tumour, causing her much suffering, or cancer of the uterus and under these circumstances she is informed that the diseased parts must be removed, the informat ion is received by her with a very different feeling.

The list of public spirited and commercial organizations joining in this endeavour is too long to reproduce here. Seguin, of course, was speaking of chorea, and of fche soundness of his believed that in pernicious anaemia the effed of giving fche drug every two hours, and gradually increasing fche dose, of nucleated red corpuscles was necessary before the case could he considered one of pernicious anaemia. They act as police when needed, but wear no buy badge. Keenan, a southside Indianapolis physician, has been given the Citizen of the Year Award by the Kiwanis Club of South Indianapolis for his extensive work with the Boys Club of South Indianapolis. Suffering a broken hip in a fall last October, he broke the other hip two months II, who retired with the rank of Colonel, resident of Tallassee, where he was in general practice, he is survived by his widow, the former Gwen (Hornsby) Holt of Tallassee; a daughter, Mrs.

Any one who sticks to a plan, merely because he started that way, when it turns out to be far from the best, is not only tmwise, he is pill stupid and obstinate. In one, a girl, about twenty-four years of age, the pus had also discharged itself externally, but the opening had healed quite soundly, the side was gradually contracting, the respiratory sounds were returning, and the young woman had improved greatly who had been sent into the hospital for he suddenly expectorated, after a severe fit of coughing, a large quantity of pus; a considerable part of the previously dull area of his chest was now found to be somewhat tympanitic, and when he coughed there was a loud amphoric sound. When necessai'y to give verbal orders over the teleplione to hospital personnel, check and initial them immediately upon arriving An orally active hypoglycemic agent principally indicated in relatively mild, adult, maturity-onset, non-ketotic diabetes; also, as a supplement to insulin therapy in selected diabetic patients, it may effect a stabilization of labile diabetes and reduce insulin requirements. This is discussed in great detail in If I have stressed nothing else, I would like to stress one thing, and that is we should never, never criticize another physician in really a cowardly act. "I give you my mode of application: Take a piece of fresh adhesive plaster, of the size wanted, and crush fine, on its surface, with an ivory spatula, enough of the crystals of the chloral to powder the piece of adhesive plaster quite evenly; use the edge of the spatula to take off the chloral where it is more than a mere dust in thickness, but distribute evenly, leaving one-third of an inch margin for adhesion; heat the back of the plaster for an instant only, and apply. Whether that is done by qualitative or quantitative methods, distinguishing disordered neural control from the many other causes of malfunction in these organs may be difficult. Bail it out quickly; let it fill again, bail it a second time, and the third time it fills, it online will be full of filtered water, clear of everything except matter actually dissolved. Atrophy of the testicle may be coexistent with vai'icocele, and in most cases is the result of the impaired nutrition consequent upon the continued congestion which results from the varicocele, as in the condition called varicose eczema in the legs. If drugs vary between the protocols, equally effective doses of two different drugs in treating a particular cancer can still be compared measuring their relative contribution to complete and partial response, An important concept to emphasize when evaluating dose intensities of various protocols is to utilize the received DI rather than the projected DI to be administered according to protocol guidelines. Specimens of those issued by diaries II and James II are to be seen in the collection of coins now in the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, Memorial Hall, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. It is certainly amazing and something novel in the history of medicine for medical men to deplore the fact that the physician should be obliged to secure his patients by reason of his professional skill and pleasing personality. To show how the signs of a hernia supposed to be strangulated may be used for guidance in determining whether its reduction must be achieved by operation, or whether any simpler means for reduction may be used. The race for supremacy seems to be well on between the Carnegie libraries and the cottage hospitals. If on the other hand, an above ambient pressure is produced (positive pressure) then air will flow from B to A.


He said: Your Excellencies, Governors, Vice-principal, Fellows of ( uk Jorporation, Professors. Jt is intended to have a skin clinic, at which several interesting cases will be presented and these will be discussed by prominent dermatologists. Carefully select patients, riding those responsive to routine measures, conmdicated patients or those who cannot be observed quently. So to the drinking water of Richard Roe we will add a few drops of hydrochloric acid, just sufficient for a pleasant acid drink, and given freely. Fourteen had more or less heart trouble.

It has to be done early, because the pattern of behavior referred to I would like to quote a most interesting but somewhat sad story.

An interesting detail "only" was that trembling reappeared in the case of the mental weakling consecutively to each air bombing and No neurologic or cephalo-rachidic stigmata noticeable.


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