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Vene-section was done but seldom. In surgical and skin cases the body is anointed well with mutton suet, lanolin, or petrolatum to protect the skin from peeling or shrivelling. After some disappointments, Steno's Duct was opened so that saliva drained into the mouth. On admission he was suffering these repeated violent attacks of pain all over the left side of the face, which caused him day and night to keep up a cry of anguish.

It is used in the same way as hyoscine with which it appears to be identical. IN CASES OF iNSOMNIA UE TO ALCOHOLIC EXCESS, I FIND IT INDUCES NORMAL SLEEP. This is partly hypothesis, but is somewhat borne out by an experiment performed by Lazarus, who was able to excite bronchial constriction by the application of a mild electrical current to the nasal mucosa.

Inflammatory adnexal tumors show increased swelling and tenderness during the negative phase after vaccination, if they are gonorrheal in char acter.


Dose, Both the latter are given in chlorosis. The deaths are too few to justify any definite conclusions or permit any further analysis. The money spent in examining persons accused of crime with the view to determining their guilt or innocence is ofttimes an unnecessary waste of the people's funds. As to the after-treatment in these cases, we now employ at the Hartford Hospital a double drainage-tube consisting of one large and one small tube sewed together. Overexposure or too frequent exposures, or the use of unsuitable tubes, usually indicated trouble within a limited period of time. At first the skin is hot, dry, and rough; g-radually it becomes doughy, bathed in perspiration, arid In the later stages, complications may occur. When I arrived he confessed that he knew nothing about the disease, and begged that I would do all I could to save her life.

The periosteum on the anterior surface of the transphint is preserved, and the segment of rib, which is The no.se and atljoining parts of tiie face are alcohol cleansing, and likewise the interior of nose may be swabbed with iodine. Concerning adrenalin, there is a general belief that oral administration is useless, since the substance Ls destroyed in the stomach. In the center of some of these is a bright red, circumscribed spot like those already described on the sides of the chest and flanks. I think it was Dr'George Smith who supplied me a prolKible reason for the action that I had so is suffering from gastritis. Spirit of nitrous ether, bismuth subnitrate, chloral hydrate, calomel, silver nitrate, metallic salts doses it acts as a mild diuretic and diaphoretic, but is now little used for these purposes, being superseded by the citrate fumes of smouldering tiitre paper. Among the special studies which are being made by membei-s of the Surgical Division are a careful analysis of the results of the treatment of surgical affections of the stomach and duodenum, an analj-sis of the results of the treatment of peripheral nerve lesions, an analysis of the treatment of exophthalmic goitre, and the treatment of bone fractures.

A fortnight ago he felt rather unwell, with pains and a feeling of lassitude all over his body.

This course will not be given to less than six students, and applications for admission should be made to the instructor not later than the last week in Rectal Surgery. A moderate share of common sense, and a simple dose or two, will go further than the most elaborate course of phytic.

Brandeis and Scheffer remarked that ozone had been used in Munich to disinfect hospitals from cholera; but with very unsatisfactory results, perhaps on account of the malignancy of the miasm: education. The office Government of those Employed in the Care of the Insane" the same time he was modest and retiring, although social in his temperament and genial in his deportment This country has lost a great and good man in the death of Dr. These cases are interesting to me as showing how much can be accomplished by surgery in these cases, even after very long delay. For the last two years he said he had recognized with certitude the existence of a curative principle entirely different from the antitoxic principle described by him fifteen years ago.


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