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Denies having had maculopapular manifestations. We can recommend it most highly to every one who has to do with the treatment of children.

A CLINICAL CONTRIBUTION TO THE SUBJECT OF LESIONS OF THE UPPER SEGMENT Neurologist to the Los Angeles Cfnldren's Hospital. The patient hears, but cannot comprehend the words, though he can think and speak his thoughts.


The stools generally are of a fluid character, and whenever he takes anything to stop the frequency of the actions, and they are formed, the feces are coated with bright-red blood. He should select some other remedy concerning the etTecls of which he feels certain enough to tell his patients what lo expect.

In the we have not had a single chill which could be attributed to the transfusion. Sleep does not come readily to the victim of delirium tremens. It is not easy to understand why such contradictory statements should be made in regard to The remainder of the second division is occupied with the constitution of the intestinal fluids, excrements, blood, urine, and the various solid tissues. Tularemia, a disease only recently described by Francis, is remarkable for the widespread reports of cases. Tliis is necessary, for otherwise its lower ganglion may be mistaken for that of the sympathetic.

Such a gland, in consequence of the fatty change which it has undergone, feels even softer than a normal gland when made up entirely of lymphoid tissue. We are not now speaking of inflammation, already attempted to revive the alkaline treatment, but merely of the species of plethora which is connected with too thick a state of the blood.

Virchow accepted cellular structure of tumors, but denied the blastemal origin of the cells. That he tricor is a writer of no mean ability and a compiler of sound judgment are testified by the editorials and articles that have appeared under his management. Lavstrence, M.D Raleigh DoNNELL B.

He thinks that the present method is calculated to prevent purulent absorption; symptomatic fever is much slighter than by the ordinary method of dressing, and pain is considerably less. Pain, numbness and discoloration of the hand, with contraction of the fingers, are first noticed; later flexion of the interphalangeal joints, wrist and usually elbow occurs, witli marked pronation. With fairness to Homeopathy, it ought to be stated that the use of these bacterins is in keeping with the homeopathic law of cure,"Similia similibus curantur," although a majority of the disciples of Hahnemann do not see it that way, just because these vaccines had not been"proved" Finally, in aborting typhoid fever, we must never fail to make our charges in accordance with the speed and sureness of our method, else we shall commit professional I may add this: The last three typhoid patients mentioned live in the house where resides the woman whom I delivered with the forceps, so that there no longer is any of the value of bacterins in typhoid fever.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to differentiate the stupor of concussion of the brain from that of simple alcoholism, and when the inebriate definite conclusion. Oedema of the face and inferior extremities; bowels costive; urine high coloured. The cause of the albuminuria in half the cases was kidney disease; in one half, cystitis or pyehtis. The entire gland was not necessarily affected in cancer, and the whole gland might be removed, and yet secondary foci be left in neighbouring tissues. Beck divides wounds into mortal, dangerous, and linfiaite variety of others which arc inevitably fatal even ang those whicli, without indicating immediate danger, ay notwithstanding prove fatal from the absence of surgical I in time, and where the part injured is surrounded by at it will appear that this division is an arbitrary one, as fcrcumstances independent of the injury inflicted, may cause ortal. When so employed, it gives, in the large majority of cases, permanently good results.


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