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This is, we believe, the first instance in which a great university has given such recognition to this The Loomis Sanatorium for Consumptives, at Liberty, Sullivan County, N. It the former place it was admitted by their board of health, and in the latter it was proved by Dr. Lasix - as a rule, however, one is able to get a definite history of digestive disturbance which in the more chronic cases may have lasted for years. Schleifstein, Chairman Alban; James R. This will be participated in by the sections of medicine, surgery, pathology and a;-ray, and prominent speakers in each of these departments are being secured.


One sister has been the subject of chorea three times. The disadvantages noted have been maceration and secondary infection of the skin, which may occur from prolonged use, and interference with ready observation of the infants because of clouding of the incubator. Pallin, Secretary Brooklyn Vincent J. The closing session was held in the chamber of deputies on Thursday evening. The Publication Committee is not responsible for the authenticity of authors or in communications submitted to this Journal for publication. PROBLEMS OF OBESITY IN ANESTHESIA surgical team, should regard the obese patient with the viewpoint and facts presented in this paper. In chronic eczema, of a covering of India-rubber cloth over the parts aftected; removed daily for thorough cleansing. In a majority of cases this combination of symptoms is, I beKeve, characteristic of the existence of gallstones in the common duct.


His career was associated with the London Hospital, of which he had become consulting physician after passing through the various positions open to him. 'I'his depends on the amount of blood in the organ at the time and is influenced by the temperature of the room, the feeling of fear or nervousness, and In my own practice when a patient's urethra will a sufficiently good canal for all practical purposes, and cases of stricture of very large calibre seldom After-Treatment in Cases of Internal Urethrotomy In several cases that have come under my observation severe rigors and a rise of temperature to temperature usually began after the first urination. The patient was so uk weak from loss of blood that it was not safe to open the abdomen. A mg few weeks later this oedema became more severe and persistent he was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital in the service of In his family history it is interesting to note that both his mother and grandmother are reported to have died of"malignancy of the abdomen". It is plain,, if you think on the subject but for a moment, that without an exact diagnosis, this question of the early curability of typhus cannot be settled. The conclusions he reaches are these: In order to assure equal protection to child and nurse, the age of the milk of a woman that is to act in the capacity of wetnurse should be limited to five months.

Then the right parotid gland began to swell, followed by swelling of the left and of the submaxillary glands. They are, usually, of less serious prognosis in the infant than in the adult. Attention the following recommendations adopted by the House of Delegates as part of the report of the Reference Committee on Report of Trustees: authorized to defer action on any new item of major current expense for the coming year pending further study of Society expenditures; and House of Delegates, requiring the expenditure of money, include a statement of the amount of money that may be expended for the purpose and source of review present expenditures and advise this House at a committee give particular thought to: (a) The possibility of reducing administrative expense by the use of more efficient methods and (c) Eliminating the Legislation Bureau and pinpointing activities of this sort to the actual legislative session and to the obtaining of special counsel for Insurance and, with respect to the latter, consideration as to whether or not expenses of the Bureau of Medical Care Insurance may not proi)erly be contiibuted to by the various Blue Shield Plans; (e) Reduction of travel expenses and consideration of the possibility of arranging for some committee meetings and conferences by telephone hookup with the various county medical societies; Banks Association of New York, Inc. This would indicate that the thorough drainage of an ascites, even of enormous extent, may so alter the condition of the peritoneum that the fluid is not re-formed. Be most thoroughly saturated, allowed to stand some days before being used, and shaken up from time to in distilled water. Be that as it may, the case loses nothing in value through that circumstance in accentuating the point I wish to bring out prominently in this paper.

The fibrosis in the liver and elsewhere could not have resulted in such a short period as indicated by the diabetes. His pulse were restlessness and delirium at night, jerking of the limbs, general and excessive muscular tremors, and relaxed bowels, or ineffectual efforts The brandy was increased, and turpentine and catechu given, but he died on the morning of At the post-mortem examination" no effusion was found beneath the arachnoid, or in the ventricles; the membranes of the brain appeared perfectly healthy."" The brain itself was somewhat congested; the veins were turgid with dark blood; the grey matter of the convolutions was slightly deepened in colour, and very numerous bloody points were seen on slicing it so as to display the centrum ovale."" The brain substance was hard and firm." The spleen was very soft, almost of a creamy or pulpy consistence. A renal calculus was missed because of failure to take a preliminary film as part of the was negative. Of course the chemical incompatibility of this with lead must be remembered; but this will not interfere with saturnine injections while using the acid by the mouth.


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